Pink Grrlz

Does anyone believe girls genetically like the color pink and boys genetically like blue?! No you don’t …and if you do stop reading, go to or something and enjoy (I do go to that site and some like it sometimes, it is enjoyable)

Ok, now if your still here, this liking of colors is not a rule at all but ,is a pretty wide generalization in western culture. I am not even going to go into the history of why these colors were picked, ok ok I will throw out a possible reason, the pink down there and the blue blood of the patriarchal nobles…ok back to the facts. This preference of colors is learned behavior from society. My favorite color is Phthalocyanine blue, it is an acrylic that can create the most vibrant shades of blue, next time you’re in a store, buy a tube, squeeze some out, smear it, enjoy it.

After I moved to the United States and began 6th grade, it soon became apparent that your favorite color was a rather important piece of knowledge for someone to know who you were. I apologize to all those to whom I answered…I lied, well until I met phthalocyanine in 10th grade. It may seem like I am digressing but this is part of my point, and even if I was digressing screw you tis my rAnt, you just read it, now know your role and read. What is your favorite color, when do you pick it. When you’re about 6 or 5? How many colors had you really seen and known the names of at that time? Is it fair to say that you are picking from a rather limited palette.

Now think about how often someone changes what their favorite color is. Not often, right? It becomes just a part of you, rather trivial to change once it’s been made, right? What other decisions are made that young? Favorite food, favorite type of music, favorite time of day, favorite country, language, sports team?

All well informed, and solid picks, because at this time your parents have of course opened you up to the sheer joys of international cuisine, you surely had access to all kinds of music whilst playing in the playground you weren’t just subject to the radio or whatever your parents listened to. You were allowed to be up till late at or leave school whenever you wanted.

You had of course been to many countries and if not understood that your favorite food, music, friends, weather, languages could be obtained in other countries, or may have themselves originated from elsewhere. In most cases, those beautiful sounds you learned to make that were infinitely more effective at expressing your desires to obtain all the favorites things in your all so eclectic life was the only language you had exposure to so you loved it, you went to school and your friends made the same sounds, so hell they must have learned these sounds in order to obtain the same things you like. That was rather ambiguous, but the sounds i am referring to are whatever language you learned first.

When it comes to sports I am sure you were well aware of all the teams in the league, and were not influenced by the dedication to one team that your parents and other adults you looked up to and the joyous way they would express their loyalty. The adults provided you with security and comfort seemed to like certain shows, certain team. Then, when you went out of your house to these new magnificent places, you saw similar large people wearing similar colors that were emblazoned on your parents bodies, on the walls of your house, you even remember going to that huge building full of these yells and moans that sounded quite familiar to the baby speak you have gladly discarded, why wont they speak, oh wait I hear a voice, where is it coming from its loud, the moans and groans react to it. You love it. The previous situation explains a sports stadium…although it could fit for One of those Mega-Churches.

Ok, if you needed some advice on something, for example, the best time to visit some place, the best music to listen to when doing x y z, would you ask a 6 year old? No. Unless you wanted to know the best time to go to chuk-e-cheese (which I regret never going to, an injustice I plan to rectify). So if we do not consider young kids to be the holders of vast knowledge and ability to make choices, why do we treat the decisions we made at such a young age, as gospel?

P.s. gospel may not be the right analogy, because even gospel has been known to have more leeway than our fav’s.

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