Parents say the danrdest thing

So something just happened that made me think of another section (I may make this a separate blog). The combination of the occurrence and the Cosby Show playing in the background has led me to create a parents say the darndest things post.

Now parents love you(by their definition at least), and they attempt to impart their wisdom to you in lil nugs of knowledge. But sometimes the information they give you is from expired material way past its sell by date. Or products that have already been called back due to flaws in their ‘truth or factual’ content. Again I do not apologize to my parentals because they mean well, but that does not mean it’s enough to not be humeriating (ps. Just invented a new word, it describes when something is comical yet makes you angry)

So I’ve been reading this book from Cassiopia (luv out to you and ur awesomness), and have been in the habit of reading while eating. I’ve said before …on a tangent, Jessica Alba (whom i shall forever refer to as JAlb) is a not the most convincing actress but will continue to make lots of money cause she looks like that really absurdly beautiful girl that you’ve been obsessing over’s more magnificent looking sister that actually likes you…

So, reading while eating, I have been doing this a lot.

I do not like doing one thing at once as you can see from the tangent which came up, since I am watching a movie while typing this. I did it yesterday on one of the few times I ate at the same time as my dad. So i’d see why he may have issue with it on that occasion… not that we talk much at the table or ever. But today i’m eating, not even a serious meal. Just Githeri and some Nescafe. No one else at the table. Everyone else in the house doing whatever they’re doing. Yay Parker Posey is in this moovie, I knew there was a reason I was putting myself through this. So he peeks in through the two doors leading into the dining room and says “Bobby, You read while eating, can you really enjoy?” I wish I could see my face, he saw it as I looked away and he added. “You don’t mind”

**Some things brought up. My parents and most blood relatives call me Bobby.

I try to not be rude to my parents…more my to mom than dad. But sometimes, my face reacts faster than my mind.**

Ok here is the rant. WTF! Reading while eating!?!! That constitutes a situation worth commenting on? Of course I don’t mind or I would not do it. Don’t eat while watching tv… ok I do agree that the tv room, and tv itself is the devil, not to mention the dangers of spillage since your head is usually up looking at the tv. Computer area, your hands are usually busy computing and then there’s the spillage on the electronics (there is a chance the concern goes past just ruining the electronics and may go to electrocuting yourself…who knows? I doubt they do or they would not say some of these things)…but really reading while eating??? WTF I mean how could that possibly reduce the experience of eating alone?

The only inconvenience is turning pages or keeping them from turning, something i’ll live with. Now if I was reading the Anarchist Cookbook then you can say something about the material I was reading, but in this case w….t….f so i’m not looking at the food. Close your eyes and eat, better yet ask blind people, are they robbed from truly tasting food by not seeing it?!? Its not like this was some gourmet meal, this was beans, maize and some minced meat in a bowl.

Would I need to see it in order to take my culinary experience to a new level?

Was not the beefiest rant but it was a spur of the moment thing. Had to put it out there.

I decided to add a little bonus on this post…Parents Just Don’t Understand


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