Definitions: Sellout


  1. The act of selling out.
  2. An event for which all the tickets are sold.
  3. Slang One who has betrayed one’s principles or an espoused cause.

Here begins the rAnt.

This is what happens when someone (who usually has a more interesting life that you do) is at a point in their life similar to yours and they express through their behavior. At this point you view them as a kindred spirit for they are at the same place that you are, or you feel as much.

The person then experiences new exciting things and their behavior changes to express how these new experiences have placed them in a different point in their life. You however have not shared these experiences and begin to feel a sense of betrayal towards said person. Was the behavior that the person exhibited when you fell for them a lie? In most cases, no, it is who they were at that time, expressing as best way they could express what they felt and knew.

In some cases when you first fell for them they had to fit into certain industry accepted molds to pay their dues, before having more creative freedom. In most cases the ‘sellout’ is still expressing themselves in the same way, there is just more to them.

Two good examples are Gwen Stefani or Avril Lavigne. Gwen was in No Doubt and in their first hit album Tragic Kingdom she was expressing the pain she felt from a breakup (“Don’t Speak”), and still having to be together with the guy that broke her heart for they were in the same band. She grew up met Gavin, went to Japan fell in love with both and voila you have her happy j-pop influenced music.

Still Gwen, just happy.

Now on to Ms. Lavigne.

When Avril began, she was really young and in the grunge/angst mode that many experienced at her age. She was talented and expressed her feelings and they resounded with many fans. She got older, fell in love got happier, grew out of the grunge phase, got a lil more ‘girly,’ and mrs.lavigne went on to express that, with as much skill as she did her previous self.

Pissed then sad/confused then content, a lot of us follow the same pattern through our teens.

How many of you know a friend that visited a new country and came back with a different view on life?

Did it change all the experiences you had before?

How many of you went through different social clicks through high school and when you got older you changed the way you dressed or expressed yourself?

Did that change how honest you were about your clique, when you were in 6th grade?

I have been a fan of Nelly Furtado ever since I heard “fly“. She came out and had the fresh energy in the first album, then in Folklore she was pregnant and you could tell how much in love she was with her unborn child and his/her father, then came Loose which she had realized her dreams, she was a mother she was with friends she was in a partying mood, completely comfortable and joyous. Would it not be more of a lie if they kept their feelings and life experience away from us by keeping the same expression they began with?

Here is another analogy.

Kellogg’s makes corn flakes, then they make cornflakes with bananas, yay potassium; then they frost the cornflakes, ggrrreattt!!; then cover cornflakes in honey and throw nuts in them, Buzz! oh what’s this your allergic to nuts? Boohoo, your problem, same Kellogg’s.

If you are so against selling out and treat change and growth in something you have come accustomed to as selling out, then you probably won’t be reading this, since you’ll probably be using a typewriter or on of those sweet black screen green letter apple computers with the floppy disks that actually flopped.

By the way, feel free to send me one of those computers, I miss them and shall bestow gifts upon the sender.

Here are some pictures relating to the post. I add pictures because people like looking at them, and you are people.

Gwen Stefani while in No Doubt

Gwen Stefani Solo with Harajuku Girls

3 times the Gwen

now some lurve for avril

Avril Lavigne


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