Eat Oreos!

Doublestuff Oreos

Remember middle school and high school?

If you attended a school in suburbia and were of a minority ethnicity, you may remember finding out that you were not just born with that skin, those eyes, that hair, but you were also born with certain ways you were supposed to act.

Wow, am I really acting up by acting in a similar manner to my friends? My friends that live by me, that I played with after school in the neighborhood streets and parks? The very same ones whose houses we would meet at for hours of goodness?

Oh I must be, because the people with similar physical features as I, are the ones pointing out my odd behavior.

Colored on the outside white on the inside, be it banana or twinkie, Hoho (a versatile nickname) or Oreo or maybe coconut (which I heard thanks to my Kristen Bell infatuation and her wonderful acting in Veronica Mars) The first time someone called me an Oreo, I had to ask around to find out what it meant. May it have been for my belief that Oreos may be the greatest lil nuggs of food ever made? After all you are what you eat.

This brings me to my point, what we eat and who it makes us. You are what you eat

You thought I was going to go off on a racism rAnt, ah there will be time for that. More than enough time. This is about the diner I had last night with my family, sans brother, and some previous thoughts I have had on what exactly family is. Food is essential. The most essential thing after breathing and drinking.

It is literally the substance that makes up your physical being. In the wild you can test droppings of animals to see where they have been. Animals themselves change over time to better obtain their food. The same can be said for humans. The cuisine we eat has a lot to do with where we are ’from,’ this is the first part I would like to discuss.

When at home, we ate and still eat Kenyan dishes about 4-5 days of the week. When other food was thrown in, there was usually some Kenyan fair added to it by means of the salad or the starch to go with the meal.

The next part is changing to obtain this food. In returning to Europe, I knew there would be differences food wise. I have always been open to various foods and upon arrival i was welcomed by the familiar 4-5 days of Kenyan foods, which had been all but forgotten in my parent-less 4 years in the United States. So the difference of food in America vs Europe was not as noticeable.

I must admit that I searched high and low the two toned nuggs of joy that are Oreo’s. I went as far as considering having a couchsurfing friend, ship them here from the states by mail. When I found them at JCU it was quite comforting and I will always have a place in my heart for that school…’s vending machine 🙂

A little digression but why Oreos in the machine? I mean besides the obvious “Why not have Oreos?” The reason is that they serve as a comfort food. When in the States, my mom was constantly looking for the right foods to make the traditional meals, she ended up finding most at a Korean store in Rockville… suffice to say getting that lil’ taste of home when in an unfamiliar place, can be very settling to ones psyche.

That was pretty straight forward for one of my rAnt’s. Here comes the leap of thought, come think with me.

Your mother directly provides food and shelter for you before and directly after you are born, from her own body. Your parents provide food and shelter for you. The country you live provides the resources for your parents to give you food and shelter. What you eat is changed into your actual physical self, making you a part of your mother, a part of the family, and a part of your motherland. All true statements? Not quite.

My mother went to the Korean store to buy the flour to make the traditional meals, this was a Korean store with flour shipped from who knows where, that was milled from crops planted and harvested by who knows who. Here is another one. I lived in Bethesda for 8 years. About 6 years into it I found out that if transport was closed off, the city would run out of food in less than a week. So the food was all driven in from somewhere else where it had been flown or shipped there from yet another location. So not only are the ingredients that make up the food not dependent on the cuisines, but even the food itself is drawn into question.

I love Italian square pizza, but that is also because I love cheesy bread and have wished that I could get cheesy bread with toppings. I would call Dominioes and order cheesy bread and wings, that’s it. Americans coming to Italy often say they prefer the pizza back home, or they claim the pizza in Italy isn’t good pizza. Not remembering that it was invented here. I admit there is something about a good Digiornos pizza fresh out of the oven but let us all agree that it Is an Americanization of pizza.

Ok, so as I have said you can surmise where an animal has been from the it’s droppings (or fumits as said in The Once and Future King). There will be a garbage rAnt to come about how much the same can be done from humans, but speaking of garbage, as thinking beings we consume much more than just biological material. So there is much more that makes us who we are. But think of where those things come from. The music you like, the cars you drive, the books you read, the television shows you watch and the friends you have.

Is it just me or are we made up by much, much more than is contained within the imaginary lines that were establishes hundreds of years ago from ideas that began thousands prior?

With all due respect, and remember I am saying with all due respect, America is the resting point for the largest amount of other countries garbage. :oP

:Update: Oreos are now regularly sold in Italy, they even have commercials with Italian kids singing “OREO”, Yay!



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