If You’re Black or White

In the words of Michael Jackson, “iiiiiggggnnnooorraaannnccceeeeee.”(‘Living with Michael Jackson’ documentary, watch it) The terms ‘black’ and ‘white’ are yet another reason racism is stoopid. Not that we really need more reasons other than the definition of racism.

By definition black is the lack of all color; whereas white is the presence or all colors/colours. For those that do not know, color/colour is what we see when an object reflects a certain color from the visible spectrum, your eyes receive those rays and your brain interprets them as red light, green light etc.

So black absorbs all the colors and white reflect them all.

A typical stop light is the color red, the sky is mostly blue, your standard piece of chalk is usually all colors which results in white and the boards in the Kenyan schools I remember, were absorbing all colors which results in black (what happened to these black boards, and why are green ones still called black boards?)

So review :
-Certain objects reflecting a few rays are those colors they reflect.
– Therefore objects reflecting all colors are colored.
– Objects absorbing all rays in the spectrum have no color.

All us wonderful human beings are shades of brown depending on how much melanin in our skin and or amount of exposure to light, (natural or artificial) that we have been exposed to.

Except Michael Jackson.

Do not be ignorant…

he wasn’t lying, your colour does not matter it’s your age that does.

Tyra Banks sickens me, more on that later.

freakin’ Norm from cheers, I feel old…



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