Udder Stupidity

I posted a post on IMDB while watching “Barnyard“. If you like this rant feel free to check the message board on IMDB for many more hilarious posts on the subject.

“I just began to watch this movie and came directly to the site to express my dislike of the male cows having udders. I find it rather odd that they had them.

Oh wow there is a pink coyote….

Ok so i understand that bulls do not have udders, and I myself came here to complain about that, but is it not odd how we pick and choose what bugs us in movies. So in reality, bulls do not have udders and that bugs us, but in the moovie we are ok that unlike in reality, No cows have horns; unlike in reality, you can tell the female cow, not from the udders but from the cute pink bow on her head; unlike in reality different animals hang out together; unlike like in reality, the animals Can talk enabling the aforementioned hanging out; unlike in reality the 4 legged animals are all walking around on their hind feet; unlike in reality the cattle were driving a car. Oh and did I mention there is a Pink Coyote, a pink coyote that apparently has opposable thumbs, able to tie up female hens, with what’s that? chicken cleavage!?!? Steve Oedekerk, your attemtpts to ruin KFC for me will not go unheeded

So I do find issue with the bulls with udders, although I disagree with the people that find issue with it because their 4 year old grandkid may be confused by the inaccurate anatomy. Bulls with udders a no-no, but chicken ‘breasts,’ and not the deepfried kind which are delicious, are ok? I think lil’ Johnny will be disappointed that the cows he meets, or more likely learns about in biology class, where he should learn anatomy from and not from a fakin’ animated movie, won’t be able to talk. And neither will they hang out and throw parties but instead amble around in separate enclosures chewing cud and licking salt lick. He will also surely be heartbroken that the cool animals on the farm are not partaking in any adventures besides the one they take from pot to plate to pot.

So dislike the movie for all of its odd looking animation. I myself will continue to fight the urge to pick on one small thing in an already the already unrealistic setting found in most movies, especially animated ones. If we hold the anatomy of the cattle in the movie to reality, why only focus on the udders, instead of all the anatomical differences from reality that enable there to be a movie to watch in the first place.

Why do people focus on the udders, whilst ignoring the same creatures with cell phones? (p.s. I hate phones and have only owned 2 my whole life. And the first was a razr a few months after it came out, before everyone had it, ask styx, he’ll tell you) I think one unfortunate reason may in this case is misogyny. The one main difference that most people find should always be stressed, is the difference in the sexes. (see Pink Grrlz rant)

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