Jenny n fam on the block

Jenny on the block

I was thinking of starting a blog called 1049 reasons people dislike America, but instead i’ll just add it to this blog.

Here is reason #753. Look at Mrs Jennifer Lopez Anthony, Mr Marc Anthony and their spanking new twin J.M.Nuggs.

I thought I would post this picture because a couple of days ago I was hanging out with Calder, and someone asked him about the ‘Hood. He went on to explain that the ‘Hood, was just short for Neighborhood, and was not necessarily referring to dangerous area’s but just Neighborhoods in general, be it the Vatican or Basra.

Just a part of slang that matriculates slowly (about 5-7 years by my estimations) from the inner city into mainstream societies lexicon.

So on to the reason for the picture. Many of you have heard the song ‘Jenny from the Block’, and some of this group of people may have heard that Mrs. Anthony, or J.Lony, was preggers, and from what you may have thought about Blocks is that they are in the ‘Hood.

You may then be worried about J.Lony and her husband having to raise their children in such a dangerous place.

So this picture is to help you sleep better at night.

The Block much like the ‘Hood refers to any landmass covered with buildings surrounded on all sides by roads. Be it in Testaccio or in the Bronx.

You Feel better don’t you? Here I was for years cracking on J.Lony for singing Jenny from the Block. She never said what block she was singing about, nor did she specify who she was talking to. She could have been talking to the people that live in the mansions next to hers… she could have been talking to the people who live and work in her mansion, which possibly covers a block in and of itself.

So for all you who call her a liar, or claim she is just hanging on to false street cred to sell records, you should be ashamed of yourselves. She’s not a Rapper, shes an artist, actress and dancer, she would not lie.

None of these people, lie, they are our friends.

Let us be happy for them.

P.S. If i was J.Lony, I would throw some D’s on those strollers


3 responses to “Jenny n fam on the block

  1. ok first id just like to point out that J.Lo hollers it out that shes “from da Bronx” and second shes like a hotdog not staying in her bun.Thirdly howcome all the pictures of Marc Antony deliberately show his toes? Is that some kind of fetish? I will require a reply on the last one.


  2. hmmm mi dispiace about the from the bronx, i could not be bothered to re-listen to the sing before the post… although i can say i am from France but say i’m still Si from trilussa. the hotdog thing was referring to beyonce. Jlony is more like beans not staying in a burrito. I did not take the picture but i am guessing that since you noticed enough to point it out, it may say more about your fetishes


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