X-Color : A Kaleidoscope of Mutants

This was a post I saw while looking through X-men 3: final Conflict’s IMDb message board.

“before you start bashing me i wanted to say that i think as a black comuniyu we deserve to see more black actors and super heroes that we can relate with and i really didnt like that all the characters in this movie were just white we got only storm and she had a very little rol how do you think? if a black kid will sit down and watch this movie will he have someone to relate with? i think major characters like cyclops or wolverine should be played by black actors that way we can relate with more heroes and characters in x men and we got a lot of good black actors that can play big roles in x men”

(Before my response, what the deal with people speaking for a community, like they have been chosen spokesperson? now on to the rAnt)

I find that to be preposterous.

Your assumption that use the color of someones skin is different it will make it easier to relate to them… color instead of background?! They are freakin’ mutants with powers!! Them having black skin will not make you relate to them more?!

It should not.

Unless. You. Are. A. Racist.

Also, the percentages fit. What percent of the population in America is of African descent?

Being a mutant is supposedly a random affliction so in if it affects the population in America it realisticallyy affect less Americans of African descent. So you feel you relate more to Storm? The character that was raised in the streets of Cairo as a street urchin and thief, then lived in the countryside of Kenya as an African Princess/goddess?

This is who ‘speaks’ to you? Represents you?

You relate to her more than you relate to any of the other characters, whose childhoods did not involve working for a creature made entirely of psionic energy?!

The mutants seem to be fighting the perceptions of people who think the simple fact that they are a mutant, especially the ones with an unusual appearance, makes them dangerous or inferior. Basically they are fighting against being judged solely on their physical appearance and not their personalities, thoughts and things that truly make them them.

Oh wait that sounds awfully familiar. Has that ever happened? People judging others by their appearances?

Remember when Mystique changes back into a human. Magneto leaves her. She was the same exact person but her appearance changed.(in her case the change also went into what she was actually able to do for her and his cause so his actions were arguably more defensible). In your post, you suggest they should simply change the way the character talks and looks and all of a sudden, yay time to relate.

I do not mean to insult you and hope it did not come off as an insult, it just infuriates me how people divide themselves, and use weak reasons to differentiate themselves from one another.

Now for links and such relating to the post.

  • I found this rather hilarious, Nice faccia’s
  • Now I know some may think  I was rough on the guy that wrote his ridiculous comment, and some may even agree with him. Taking that into account, this is a blog not only for me but for all of you hopefully dedicated readers, and I aim to please. I edited some pictures, because…well because. Relate away…

Fro X-menAngelFroffesor Xcyclops and pheonix


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