Practice?! We talkin’ about practice, man!

Professions, Professions. We all eventually seem to get them.

Even Paris Hilton was not happy with just being famous for being rich, pretty and drunk. She is now not only a trailblazer of how to easily increase ones fame via stolen yet amazingly well edited personal sex tape. She now has many products of her own, that she sells to her adoring masses.

Unlike ms. Hilton, most of us have to get a profession of some sort. It may be all you dreamt of, may be a pleasant surprise that fell into your lap. It may turn out to be not as nice as you thought it would be, or you may find yourself exactly where you never knew you wanted to be.

It is always fun to have titles to throw around when meeting randoms, and trying to upstage your friends. “Yeah I’m a this and this at so and so and we just did what not for whomever.” It brings pride to people, for many substantial and meaningful reasons, one being the actual ability to provide for oneself, and your loved ones . As well as the ability to obtain new loved ones, I do not think it’s truly a date if your parents money paid for it.

In many professions you also indirectly help other people.

In some professions you directly help one person at a time. Most professions in the medical field help one person at a time and have the potential to help many others, not just by helping one person that may help many others, but also through helping one person you can discover new procedures that can be used to heal many others.

I have a great respect for Doctors, and the medical field in general.

Yes, I detest going to hospitals but that does not mean I devalue their value to humanity in a whole. Hell if I was the marrying type, I would be very interested in marrying a doctor. Not just because Cameron from House is hott. More because Molly from Bluffton,Ohio is hott. I do however find it very sketchy that the actual application of this profession is referred to as Practicing.

I’ve got no problem with the butcher practicing to cut me 6 ribs and ending up cutting 5 and a half. No problem with a cashier practicing to tally up my groceries and not charging me for the Oreo’s that I can now happily buy in Italy. I have no problem with the bank teller, practicing to deposit my check and moving the comma a couple of numbers to the right. In Italy, possibly the entire of Europe, the comma and periods are used opposite to their usage in the United States, one thousand euro would be written likewise 1.000,00, in dollars it would be written 2,000.00 or however low the dollar has sunk by the time you read this.

I am not O.K. with Surgeons practicing to cut me open and move isht around. I get it, the field is ever changing, and I am glad it is and so should you, as the ailments we face do not seem to be getting any less creative, but…practice?

Maybe they keep the term in there to coincide with the practice makes perfect saying. Let them practice and it will make you perfectly healthy. But I cannot be the only one who would be a little apprehensive when about to be opened up, like an overgrown baked potato in the kitchen of a Outback Steakhouse, by some woman or man who claims to be practicing.

I think we should change the term, find something more reassuring. While were at it we should apply it to lawyers too, so they can stop practicing to not get the wrong people sent to jail, or make sure the right ones stay in jail. ‘Cause once in there, the inmates need no ‘practice’ in making your life a not so happy one.

One thing that is reassuring is the amount of time people in these professions spend in school.

They seem to spend an awful lot of time in order to get the chance to practice, but that is fine with me. I will continue avoiding Hospitals and Courts for the time being and if the time comes for me to ever need the services of the people that “practice” in these buildings, I will be reassured by the long time they spent reading up on failed attempts and successful applications.

I was so tempted to throw in some football related analogy involving pre-game preparations and scouting the opposition etc that would have culminated with the time I need them being some sort of huge game day, or playoff or something, but…

  • The title of this post was originally “Practice…yes let me let you “practice” cutting me open” then I remembered this awesome rAnt Allen Iverson had while he was still with the Philadelphia 76ers. For those that don’t remember this or have never seen it, here is a lil set up. Allen Iverson’s coach said something about him missing practice, the situation got blown up, then some reporters asked him about it. It’s gold, watch it.

  • Playoffs?! were talkin about Playoffs?!

  • Also pictures of hot doctors, possibly coming…oh also leave comments regarding what we can use instead of Practicing when talking about Doctors and Lawyers.

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