2:51 in Roma

So it is 2:51 in the am.

I just had a pretty great night out, which involved pre-gaming while playing rummy and Kings to which there are no universal rules anywhere…and we were playing with liquor which is not a good idea. Well this is the first of my new what the f i am doin rAnts. So most of these will be when I am in some level of intoxication, at the moment I’m a lil passed buzzed and a lil’ under drunk, due to the fact that I have been drinking every other day for the last week and the blood level in my alcohol content is way under average.

I just put a load of laundry in because I sat in some gorgeous, and from the little i’ve talked to her, intelligent, Mary Jane‘s puke on some seats at the French Embassy of Rome. From this experience I suggest that if you ever do sit in puke, it is better to do it in the puke of someone you think is magnificent and on the embassy of the country you were born in… it makes it manageable.

Well as you can see my rAnt’s will not be limited to just my more analytical thoughts but will now include things about my life as it goes. This is more for the people I know, with the intent to bring you along in my life in some sort of digital way, so from now if we talk after awhile and you give me the, Hello stranger thing, ill give you the get on the internet, its fraquein Y2k8. Remember the Y2K scares, they’ve been parodied so much, but even R reluctantly have to admit I did give it a moments thought.

So, Elise called a lil while ago and they were at Piazza Navona getting some Kebab’s and if they come across the bridge I will most likely go out and continue this night.

It was Guccio‘s bday celebration at Gigante, in Campo Di Fiori.

As said before there was pre-gaming before the night out. For those of you that have played Kings, or other card games, why is it that everyone insists their way of playing it is the one right way.I do at times wonder how in hell people get around when drunk. You just find yourself somewhere and its all, “Wow. I am here.” Then I remember that when you Blackout, you are essentially in a conscious coma, and still manage to get things done. on second thought I think more people remember more of what their told while in a coma than blacked out.

Well let me tell you, Romes historical center is not a bad place to be out and about in. It does still get surreal when Roaming Roma from historical site to historical site at 3 in the am. A simple call at 2:51 saying hey I’m going to Piazza Navona for Kebab’s has a lil more to it than a latenight 7-Eleven on River Road, Slurpie-run.

These are some shots from the night I may add descriptions but i can’t be bothered right now.


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