I Should Kick You in the Sabretooth

:::UPDATE::: If your looking for the trailer for the movie click this after you reAd this rAnt – Hey Bub, That’s My Sabertooth You’re Kicking! :::Maybe i should have put this after the rAnt seeing that people may just click away:::


Of late, I not only write a blog or two, I find myself visiting quite a few.

Today I found myself on http://www.flynet.com and was drawn to a link on the side bar. The guy to the <left is Sabertooth from the new X-Men spin-off, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Although since Wolverine has a comic of his own, it is not necessarily a spin-off…although his comic may be considered a spin-off from the X-Men Comics, anyway we will get to all this)

Liev Schreiber is the name of the actor playing the part of Victor Creed.

Victor Creed? You just said it is Sabretooth in the picture!

Well I think even non comic fans would have made the connection that Sabretooth is just Victor’s Codename. This is not common knowledge to those that do not read comics or now those that do not read my blog. I know where you live, you non blogreaders!! Now on to the rAnt

So the post on flynet has quite a few on set shots of Sabre and Jackman, as Wolverine. I was rather excited to see them having heard that Xmen 4 was in the works, but felt that it had previously been stated that Wolverine was getting a flick first.

Pictured to the right, is what Sabretooth looks like in the comic books. As you can see there is bound to be some fanboy,or in this case a fanchick, who will be expected to comment with the following:

Rach says:

Monday – April 14, 2008 – 7:46 PM

Sabretooth is suppost to be blond!!!! Why can’t anyone pay attention to detail!! Im also a little concerned about the apparent crappy detail of Sabretooth’s “claws”. Well, I hope the movie turns out alright, just have to wait and see.

I will admit to battling this is tendency for quite some time, and regrettably that upon seeing the picture, one of my first thought’s was, “that’s no 7 foot tall, hair collar sporting, razor claw having mutie.”

I got past it and did not let the thought end up as a comment.

The thing I am rAnting about, the thing I have been fighting with, is holding parts movies to reality and/or or your own personal set of rules. I rAnt on this specific situation, which is holding this movie to a fictional reality, and then move on to the grander issue. Jane is ‘accurately’ pointing out the lack of blondness of the character but conveniently says nothing of how Wolverine is played by a 6 foot 2.5, Hugh Michael Jackman and not by Danny DeVito or someone who more matches Wolverine’s usual comic book height which of around 5 foot 4.

As a fan-boy, I find it odd what people point out and what they accept.

There is only so much you can do when translating a comic to the silver-screen. Try to look at it from the point of view of the people shooting the movie. They are probably throwing about 150 million plus into this movie. If you know Sabertooth is blonde in the comics, then your probably not their target audience, since they rightfully assume you will watch this movie, regardless of reviews.

So instead of paying some behemoth guy with no acting skills to dye their hair, they will pay a proven actor, who will play a part that has been adjusted for the basic, non-knowing-sabertooth-has-blonde-hair-and-other-facts-of-his-over-30-year-comic-history public. I know I know Tyler Mane played a pretty decent Sabretooth in the first X-Men Moovie, but from what I remember he hardly said a word and from the littlest memory of him in WCW, I doubt his acting skills would convince the hollywood execs to hang a starring role, in a potential 3 picture starting ‘spin-off’ of a multi million dollar movie franchise, on Mr. Mane.

Is it not odd how people notice some small things?

One small thing a friend of mine pointed out the other day while watching, The Contract. (Morgan Freeman was in it, whom I am sure most of you have at one time or another wished was your grandfather, yes even you melanin deficient movie watchers) There is a highly unlikely scene, after dozens of others, where the characters cross a rickety wooden bridge over some rock formation left by a Glacier.

The kind of bridge that looked so rickety that I would rather cross the Popsicle bridge I had to make in Highschool Tech. Ed. Where is an Ewok when you need one (pictures below for those that forgot).

They fought in a cave the night before. I talking a throw-down, multiple shots to the face fight. While crossing the bridge my friend points out that John Cusak’s character’s face is as immaculate as John Cusak’s face can get. How often do people notice things like that. Do you notice that a little black eye makeup, ruffled hair, anything to show that they had a fight could have added just a touch of reality, but nooo, oh Sabertooth’s hair is not blonde.

Movies in and of themselves are based outside of reality, if you want reality get up and walk out of the tv room or movie theater. I do plan on being a little hypocritical on this because some things in movies need to be rAnted on…

Outrage of certain omissions during translation from paper to screen, has not gone unnoticed by Movie makers. (as evidenced in X-Men when Wolverine, after seeing the uniforms, asks Cyclops if they actually go out in them. Cyclops then answers by sarcastically asking whether he expected yellow spandex)

Comics and books will never be faithfully translated into Movies,(2013 edit says Sin City, The Watchmen, Ghostworld…hadn’t seen enough at this time) unless we are willing to sit through and pay for a week long movie. Comics themselves are not set in stone, pun intended. Not only are there many different continuities, sometimes  published concurrently, the origins of many characters are sketchy at best (non-existent in many cases).

As a Comic community we found out Logan’s first name a few years ago.

You may recall that I quotation marked accurately earlier in the rAnt, this is since the characters appearance tends to change from artist to artist. So next time you find yourself picking on some random thing in a movie or show that seems off, ask yourself this, If everything in the movie or show was subject to the rules of reality, the reality in which you are sitting and watching said movie or show instead of out partaking in, then would you really be watching that movie or show instead of living it? Would the movie or show even exist?

  • Udder Stupidity, a previous rAnt on a similar situation.
  • As promised, pictures of Ewoks. Remember them from Starwars, they lived on the moon in Endoor, in the trees connected by safe sturdy looking bridges.

  • This next picture is from a photostream on flickr by bonniegrrl that i think you should check out click here

  • Azn chick…cuz i lak em. thanks to Gabu-chan on flickr


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