Suri’s ma Boo

Boo and Suri

I have been thinking of where I want my blog to go. As I approach 200 hits,(thank you all that have visited the Rant A. Tonne) I am trying to keep posts coming, but at the same time I want to avoid putting out crap rAnts.

I type ‘I’ a lot.

I enjoy Celebrity blogs at times but would like to avoid turning this into just another celeblog. There are many others out there that are doing it far better than I can.

This is partially due to the fact that you simply cannot run out of material or willing readers when it comes to the celeblogs. Well I do intend to go fishing in that pond when I catch wind of something that must be rAnted about, I will try my best not to overdo it. Soon I will open a page with links to some hilarious celeblogs amongst other things. Now on to the rAnt!

Let me begin by saying, “If you do not recognize the character on the left in the above picture, stop reading; go to a video rental store people still call them that even though no one rents videos anymore, and if you do you’re no one; ask them to get you a copy of Monsters, Inc.

Say you have to show it to a friend, because if you let on that you have not seen it, the Clerk may laugh at you; do not act on your anger from your potential shaming, just rush back home, stick in the DVD I will not say VCR players because I do not recognize the existence of nobodies, and let the movie wash all your anger and depression away; If you do not have a Rental place by you, or owe the one by you too much late fees, then download a torrent or file-sharing program, I would give you info for them here but some hosting servers will delete your account if you encourage internet piracy, watch it, then come back and read this rAnt. It will make a lot more sense.

Those that had watched the movie, excuse me for the digression, but I you agree it was a necessary one.

Welcome back to those that just watched the movie, I will not even ask what you thought, because I am sure you enjoyed it and I thank you for avoiding the urge to watch it repeatedly and instead come back to reading the rAnt. I watched it 10 days in a row with 9 different people when i first got my hands on it. You may have even enjoyed it soo much that much like me, you may be flirting with the idea of adopting a lil’ Caucasoid or Asiatic child stunting her growth and teaching her a vocabulary of 4 words,

  • Wazowsky
  • Boo
  • Puppy
  • Mike

If you had not thought of it before you are thinking of it now. If fair-skinned and blonde and dating a fair-skinned and blonde person, you may be questioning whether it is too late to find a brunette.

I have been saying this for years but have never really thought there was a chance to find some lil kid as cute as Boo. Then there was a break-up and I began thinking of some things similar to the ones you can find on this Why I’m Never Having Kids site. (He commented on a rAnt of mine, and could not tell if he genuinely liked it or was just plugging his blog, but I checked it out and it’s good. He is also very unapologetic about his intentions on his About page) I find myself at the point where marriage is not something I see in my future, so plan Kidnap-a-Boo was on the back-burner.

This is where the kid on the right comes in. Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

I admit to watching part of the first season of “Dawson’s Creek” and thinking how cute Joey was,(I watched until I found out Dawson was supposed to be 15/16 and James Van Der Beek was 21/22, I know ,I know…I just rAnted about holding Media to your own rules in my previous post, but even if Dawson was not 7 years ago, tis my blog and I rAnt what i wAnt!) then watching Disturbing Behavior because of the potential for a quick nipage shot or two.

Then there is Tom Cruise, who has not only been a sex symbol to women and the male homosexual community but as model for many hetero guys. So we can agree that these people are hott physically. This assessment has nothing to do with their personalities and/or beliefs. I did take notice when they got together, and did take notice when they had a child, and so did millions of other people due to the fact that exclusive rights to the first baby pics sold for millions to Vanity Fair. I saw some of them and admitted the baby was cute. No surprise considering the genes and the fact that ugly baby syndrome (rAnt coming soon) is thankfully a very uncommon ailment.

A few days ago I saw some pics of the older Suri. First thought was, “They need to make a live action Monsters Inc. 2 right freaking now, I mean Speed Racer got a freakin movie, Chim-Chim and all!!” Anyway, the girl is absurdly cute and although the reasons why you should not have Kids site is a great read, one pic of Suri is enough to reignite my plans for a lil Boo of my own.

Is it not amazing how you can be having a terrible day, and you walk down the road and just hear a child’s loud scream-like laugh, and for a second, all is well, (you know the one that goes something like HYAAAeeAEHHYyyeeaaaaaaahhhh and trails of, sputtering a little like an idling engine just waiting for that next green light that will ignite the laugh engine that resides in their brain to full throttle and pump out the next bout of unadulterated joy (I may never have found a better use for a word than unadulterated is for a child’s joy)) the edges of your lips begin to reach for your ears, almost as if they think by getting closer to where you absorbed the divine sound, they may better feel the joy it brings. There are many reasons to not have kids, there are many many reasons some people should not be allowed to keep the kids they already have, but having heard their euphoric laugh many times, I never think I could ever truly not want to have a kid.

  • P.S. since i have made my kidnap a boo plan i have to write a disclaimer freeing myself of all responsibility in case someone actually does do it.
  • P.P.S. if that someone turns out to be me, then you are all hereby held responsible for not having stopped me when you were all fully aware of my plans.
  • now here is some more Suri and Boo Cuteness

  • I could not resist

  • for all the childrens that do not hold a candle to Suri

  • I would be amiss if i mentioned tom cruise without showing this video, wow so i was going to put the Star Wars version on but the original version may be better. Straight Looney Toons. watch them both

This version for adults only


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