Use your name, random internet poster

K, so it has been a while since a post. I sniped this from a blog I was writing… and will post all I intended to post there, here. I had a hectic week and need to take some time to figure it all out and post some things up. So this is from the series of Internetiquette posts. I rAnt about various Internet behavior that I find rAnt worthy. read away…

You may have come across this issue on comment pages on controversial posts (if not just look at any youtube video on religion, politics or Michael Vick). It begins with a user posting their views then the sides begin to get polarized as the arguments begin to get heated, then usually one person takes a comment to heart, then here it comes.

“Why don’t you use your name, Instead of just posting Anon!?”or some variation of this comment, youtube may not be the best site since i doubt you can post anonymously.

I do not like this statement because honestly, WTF?!

Will the person posting their name make you any closer to confronting said person? Are you going to drive to their home and find them? If the person does respond with a name how the hey do you really know if it is the person? What if you find out it is your girlfriend or your boyfriend, do you break up? I will now post a few Bio’s that you can use on comment pages if you ever get asked to use your name or that you can use to avoid the situation completely.

Name: Marie Diane Germaine /Birthday: January 14th 1987/ Birthplace: Wheeling, West Virginia./ Lives: Bethesda*, Ohio./ High school: Pickerington Ohio./ College: Bethany/ Major: Buisiness Administration

Name: Davide Saint-Claire /Birthday: July 28th 1979/ Birthplace: Lyons, France/ lives: Torino, Italy/ Highschool: Marymount academy of (any capital city in Europe)/ College:University of (any capital city in Europe)/ Major: Was studying for a bachelors in Marketing but dropped out to be a musician and now works in a bar.

To my friends from Bethesda, there actually is a Bethesda, Ohio. I have been there. I am pretty much convinced that OHIO has a place named after every other place in America,

There you have it. An alternate response would be to say your a minor, under 12yrs,  and your online just to F with people that seem douchey.

It is the internet people.

Try not to take people’s comments to heart as much as you sometimes do. In most cases the anger your feeling, because the person did not use their name, would not occur if the person was standing right in front of you. Yes, you can also argue that the person would not have said the comment if you were standing in front of them, but you are not, and they did say it.

The Internet is a forum in which people may choose to share their thoughts as just that, their thoughts. Their thoughts free of the judgment that comes from us being visual creatures. They can choose to not identify themselves or give DNA samples and 2 proofs of identification that would prove that the person who wrote whatever ticked you off was actually who they are and what not.

Let us know what you think

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