Momma loves me, Bush’s loves him

Imagine you are a parent, that is if you are not already one,  and as your child grows up you realize they may not the brightest crayon in the box. A sandwich short of a picnic. One beer short of a six-pack, a six-pack short of a case. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, a few trees short of an orchard, a smurfette short of a smurf village (I will stop here because i’m out of stoopid sayings, I will say though, that I could have easily written “I could keep going if you want me to” and just stop, but I would have been lying, and in most cases when people say that they are lying. Try it out for yourself. Next time call the person out. Tell them to keep going. Now back to the rAnt, you were reading about having a stoopid kid…) Do you throw him/her to the wolves or help her/him as much as you can?

We can agree that in almost all cases, parents try to give their children as much as they have.

Or in the least do the best job in what they think would help their child. They look to what they did in their lives, and the position that their accomplishments have granted them, and use it as the foundation to ensure that their kids at least do not fall back to a level that they themselves surpassed.

For example, if your dad went to Po Dunk U and you could not get into any other school, he would probably pull as many strings as he could to try and get you into PDU, home of the Daring Dunk-a-roos.

Some people’s parents went to Yale.

If your dad owned a butcher shop, and you couldn’t get a job on your own, I bet he lets you chop meat and sets you up to eventually take over the whole thing after he passes or retires.

Some peoples parents ran countries.

So we don’t find it surprising when the deli owners son takes over the buisiness; when a student gets into a small state school in the hills of west virginia because 3 members of her family went there; when someone remains in the middle class because their family provides as much as they can to keep it so; when someone takes over the farm he was born and raised on because because it was their parents farm, he lived on it, lived around it, helped build it, knows the people that run it, knows the way it can be run; when someone sells crack because their single mother was forced to sell it to to feed them. If none of that phases you, why be so outraged about the son of a US President?

I am not pro Bush (I mean the President, and I would ask you to keep your minds out of the gutter unless a rAnt requires them to go there) . He’s got issues…lots of them but do not blame him for his parents loving him. I myself am now in Rome and about to go to grad school in Torino due almost entirely to my mother’s job.

If you look at where you are, for most people your parents had something to do with it. I am not ashamed of that at all, I am more shocked at the extent of my Mother’s belief in me and how much she would work to get me going even when in all respects I am being a lil sheit. I think with most people one of your goals in life is to show your parental figures that they did well by you, and a good way of doing that is building on what they have already done and taking it to another level.

I remember while i was in a rather depressed mood, I was talking to my mom and told her something similar to that. Then I expressed that I felt it was impossible for me to do, since she was raised in the rural areas of Kenya with 7 siblings, walking to school for miles barefoot, going hungry, no running water or electricity, no new clothes until she was 8 and now she travels around the world. (She just had lunch with ambassadors and the president of Italy a few days ago) She replied without a moments pause by saying that I was 23 and should look at where she was in her life when she was 23 and see that I have already accomplished much more. Now that I think of it, seems a lil bullsheity taking the fact that her parents were farmers and mine diplomats but it serves the purpose of expressing a parents love and ability to say and do whatever for their child. That heartfelt moment was brought to you by Lapse In Judgment, have not said anything embarrassing in a while, have a lapse of judgment and your friends will be there to continuously remind you that it worked.

George Bush reg and George Bush with the Dubya thrown on that bitch, may have similar policies, he may have even began his terms with many of the same people his Da chose, but do you honestly believe he was the first president to ask his parents for advice? As I said before as a parent you look to your experiences and hope your child can Improve on them, and on top of that you usually get your friends to help your child if you can.

So there are many reasons to hate Bush, but the whole ‘legacy’ into the presidency thing should not be one of them. What’s that? The presidency should be voted in not inherited, ehh right, more on that to come later.

  • Commercial for Dunk-a-roos. I would always think i would run out of dip before cookies, so i would ration it and always end up with dip and no cookies.

  • Black bush courtesy of Dave Chapelle, “blowin on them, phuuf” a lot of cursing but so funny

  • Sometimes I hear someone say something, or i read some line and think, what song is that from or what movie did I hear that in. The song I had in my head when writing the title to this rAnt was “Momma Loves Me” by Ja. For anyone not sitting near Aaron Morris, click here for lyrics, and click here for the song.

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