I see Moovies : Shorties

Eyyyyyy! Another one of my ideas was to make a movie review blog. No one reads it and I do not post anything…as yet.

One thing that has happened is that I have watched an ishtload no i did not misspell otherwise i would have used a’ instead of an, I say isht because it is what merda (isht in italian) sounded like when they censored it on the radio or movies. Sometimes I watch the movies on a computer or the TV, while working on my laptop.

These little shorties are comments I had during and after watching certain moovies.

  • Once in a while you watch a moovie that makes you want to punch lil’ children in their lil’ spleens. Day on Fire is that kind of movie.
  • No Country for Old Men Great story, cinematography and mood. Some people die some don’t, some should some shouldn’t. I greatly suggest this movie, drew me in and it was one of first time in a while that the ‘villain’ was scary without having to rely on torture, masks or a weird voice.
  • One Missed Call. Just wow…really ehh I want to come up with some insulting things to say about this movie but instead, just watch it. This was a Remake that should have remained unre-made. I started watching this piece o isht because of Meagan Good, but I warn you, it is not worth it.
  • Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. Ethan Hawke, Philip Seymour Hoffman and the dad from Big Fish make for a great movie.(am I the only one who confuses Ethan Hawke with Kevin Bacon?) I feel that a main difference with movies and life is there’s a soundtrack, I definitely find walking around more bearable when there is music playing. I appreciate movies that use music sparingly and in this movie that technique is just the smallest thing that makes it great. You should really, really watch this.
  • The Flock. Before this movie ends, flock out of wherever you are watching it. Remember “My So-Called Life” miss it some, but I hate it because used the name of the show could have been perfect for this blog or some other thing I could work on.
  • Underworld: Evolution. Great action movie, they did a decent job of building on the story and not just making it a ‘hey some vampires and warewolves are still alive and they’re hungry” deal
  • 16 Blocks. Mos Def as a criminal that is like a young flava flav without the viking hat, clock and crack, does a great job in this one.A really strong thriller. Shows that a musician can make a movie without feeling the need to make the whole soundtrack
  • Aquamarine. Sarah Monge says, water plus girl power equals Aquamarine. Quite an accurate explanation of the movie. Once you get past the fact that Jojo sounds 25, I did and so what if i think she’s hott, you get on to your regular teen-movie fair, but the ending does not involve the people teen flicks usually do. Well it involves one of them. Oh and also it has the ugliest ‘mean ‘pretty’ girls’.
  • The Hills Have Eyes. Sometimes in horror moovies, characters deserve to die, in this flick the deserving are left alive. It is odd how whenever radiation is involved it always creates at least one jacked up mutate. The Radio-billies as I call them in this movie touch on all the usual mutey and hill-billy stereotypes. One part that annoyed me was the RadioBillies complaining about how ‘you people’ asked us to leave, ‘you people’ dropped ‘your’ bombs. Heyy there?! Who is you people? None- radioactive people you were before you got radioactive? People who live in the country and follow laws like you did before? Shut your cancerous bulb headed RadioBillie ass up!
  • Ultraviolet. If you like Milla Jovovich and legos, you will like this movie. Milla does her regular my-hotness-shall-paralyze-you-as-I-kick-your-ass thing, all while surrounded by lego like effects and actors that will force you to relive your childhood days where the only way that boxy contraption floating overhead was a chopper, is if you flexed a ton of your good ol imaginative muscle.

That is the end of the shOrties for now. I may write more on some of the movies but it is doubtful. I mentioned Legos in the last shOrty, which reminded me not only of all the fun I had playing with them as a kid, and during the Lego Party, 2 years ago with Surachai, Claire, David, Vivek and Liz. I also remembered two things, one interesting and one depressing, well they may both be depressing depending on who you are.

The first was recalling that I had heard somewhere some time that due to the fact as kids most boys played with Legos and girls with dolls such as Barbies, it resulted in guys being more creative.

Sounds sexist but makes sense, seeing that toys such as Legos and Transformers were more than one thing and encouraged one to use their imagination in what they can actually be and do. Whereas Dolls were pretty much set, Princess Barbie, astronaut Barbie etc etc.

This was true for Legos but the I feel the noticeable change produced by the increase of themed sets, that you can’t do much with but be the Medieval Castle or Star Wars set that you bought. This is partly to blame for the next thing I remembered.

Lego is going out of business.

Yes, I said it.

Did i research it?


Miriam told me, and it is sad.


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