Art School Confidential : Please sit on my face!

I watched Art School Confidential a couple of days ago and wrote this thing which I edit now so you may read…

This October I am on my way to art school and in the past spent some time…quite significant time in the art department at WLSC, ( Not the cool new state of the art one one they have now, but the old jump out the window, the gd ghoulies one, back to the moovie) ” Please sit on my face” is in this movie. I am currently watching it and plan on watching the rest of it. So far they have pointed out a thing or two that are similar to my limited art experience.

Some somewhat decent actors in it, Steve Buscemi, John Malkovich (I was telling someone about this movie and could not think of his name, since he directed it too. So I was thinking of other movies he directed and thought , the guy that directed Finding John Ma….yeah John Malkovich is in it. If you want people to remember you as a director name a movie after yourself, it helps.), JP, the sit on my face robot guy from Grandma’s Boy . I am not sure how strongly I like how there is no music constantly playing in the background.

I think walking around with an mp3 player is some much fun because it makes it seem that you have a soundtrack and are living a life cooler than the one you probably actually are living (I said this in a previous rAnt, but you know it is true, Remember the episode of Family Guy where Peter had a soundtrack?). So far the moovie has done a good job of hitting on some character types and issues brought up in my art-schoolish experience. I will refrain from commenting anymore until its over. (the prep must be the strangler)

Ooook the part where they look at the simplistic paintings and critique them, which is a very difficult thing to do, simplistic or not. It also seems like it is a nono to say anything bad about art, especially if it is really what you feel. (there seems to be a feeling that you cannot speak badly of certain things, and i feel with art is it that way, people just give you the same tired responses, or the artist will ask you what you think expecting the same tired response)

If art is so much different than other fields, in the way that you’re advised to not be so rigid in your work, then why are people so tied into certain ways of teaching art? And if you claim they are not, then why are there so many cliché’s in this moovie. Math is the Anti-Art 21 + 12 is 33, does not matter if the 12 comes before the 21. If you do the math placing the numbers above the others, when you add 12 things to 21 things you get 33 things.

When it comes to Art there is pretty much no one right way to answer any question.

This would make grading it like the gymnastics of college majors. The judges have a certain idea of what they like, I think they have a picture in their heads of what it should look similar too like or what qualities it should have. Then when they see your work they start off with their perfect image and deduct from that score what they feel your piece lacks.

In most fringe artists portrayed in the media, they too have creed’s by which they live by and make their art. I use creed because from what I have seen, many artists thoughts on their art, are as strong as people’s on their religion. when they are interviewed, they may talk about how anti establishment they are, how they break the mold and walk by their own drum off the beaten path, but how does that make them different than the other scabs out there?

Sure the Masses may be walking down a paved highway holding hands and signing Kumbayah or some other song, but they are still walking down a set direction, just like you are. To be truly different would be to not walk anywhere to not have a creed, but if that is the case, isn’t not having a creed, a creed in and of itself?

  • So apparently Kanye has a blog, and has this clip on it too… I almost did not put it up, but it is funny

  • More Grandma’s Boy clips, for those who are not already on youtube looking up more


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