Reason # 657 : Sharon Stone and other Celebreogians

The word Celebreogians is an amalgamation of the words Celebrities and Theologians.

There are countless examples that can be used and will probably continue to beef up this reason as I come along more examples of Celebrities speaking out on issues in the world. It is my humble opinion that opinions from most celebrities in general should be given as much consideration of that of homeless people.

I feel that they have about as much in common with the average person as do homeless people. Most of us have certain things to which we can relate to each other and these things give us a certain point outlook on the rest of the world that is somewhat similar to each others.

Hhomeless people, much like celebrities, may begin with lives much like ours but things happen in their lives in which they end up not taking part in the regular hardships and tribulations that most of us partake in. Celebrities are in the same boat, the one difference being is their boat is one of those huge yachts we see and wish we could be on whereas homeless people are thrashed together on an old beat-up trawler, that we see and pretend to not notice them frantically bailing out water, as we bitch about the buffet menu on our cruise ship. (I am not saying our lives are easy but compared to being homeless it could be considered a cruise).

We would like to think that since we see and hear so much of celebrities lives, that they are very much like that. We hold them to our same values and thoughts, when if you really think about it their lives are nothing like ours, so why should their values and thought be like ours?

Most of us do not have millions of fans telling us how much they love us and how awesome we are, as they sit there begging to be appraised of the next thought that we have.

Most of us do not have no roof over our head, and no one to tell us that we are not the lowest of the low and have to spend our entire days begging for change to get some food or cheap alcohol or drugs to make us forget that we are the lowest of the low.

Most of us cannot afford to sniff glue and drink cheap whiskey every day and sleep by a dumpster at night, most of us can not afford to snort primo cocaine and $600+ bottles of alcohol and sleep in Clubs every night.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

I say this because once in a while a celbreogian like Sharon Stone comes along and says some isht about how she feels bad for what her boy the Dalai Lama has to endure and that the earthquake in China may have been Karma for how the Chinese treat the Tibetians. (If you have not heard of it then there is video below and links to more ‘reputable’ sources on what she said, and the ensuing ishtstorm)

So she says this and then you have people screaming bloody murder, saying she is a twit and needs to shut her mouth.People say, truthfully, that the practice of the government is not necessarily the wishes of the masses, and this is not restricted to non democratic governments. People express shock and disgust at her comments, which are ridiculous, but most of these people also express elation and approval of random positive comments made by other Celebreogians. (be it following their PETA campaigns or the latest going green craze, which is going top be a reason in and of its own, reason # 645)

The thing that annoys me the most about bitching about these twits, is that the only reason these twits have the soapbox to stand on and spit out this twitish-isht, is because you built that soapbox and lifted them onto it. When it comes to actors and actresses these fraques professional is to act, which is essentially to pretend, which is essentially being something your not, or lying. so why get surprised when these people say twitish isht like this?

I read some of the comments on some pages where the story on Sharon Stone was, and people claimed that there is no way these innocent hardworking people had bad karma coming to them. This is a true statement if you really consider them innocent. I will venture to say that most of those people were not Christian, which to most Christians does not make them quite innocent. I would venture to say that many of those people did not like America too much, which to most Americans would make them people they don’t like, albeit not enough to want them dead. I will also add that most of the men were very misogynist, which to most women would make these men despicable.

I may also add that since there is that one child rule, that a number of these people may have killed their daughters in hopes of having a son to continue the family name. I bet they disciplined them in more severe ways than confiscating a cellphone or sending them to their rooms, their rooms that have personal phone lines, internet, videogames and cable or satelite tv, which to many western parents would make them unfit parents. What i am saying is that many of you did not think too much of the Chinese people, if at you thought about them at all, until Sharon Stone said this twitisht.

Am I defending Sharon Stones remark’s? Not in the least. I am rAnting about how it takes some annoying twit’s remarks for people to take notice of social misconceptions, it takes a tragedy for people to forget social misconceptions and constructs and see other people for just that, people.(For instance the V-tech School shootings, all of a sudden everyone in America was a hokie, especially if you had a facebook account, my status was that i have never been, am not now, nor ever will be a hokie, and my next one was asking when people would feel ok enough to leave the multitude of hokie groups that sprung up, and now i wonder how many opposing fans at hokie sport events, that yell for the athletic demise of whatever team or players, were once hokies)

Lastly, and the saddest of all points is that it takes some other twit doing some twitish thing for you to go back to despising those same people you defended from that one twit who said something twitish about two weeks ago. In their defense, some of the all time twitish comments were probably uttered under the influence of some quality drugs.

  • link to where the Yahoo location where i first saw her comments click here
  • Sharon stone is an old craggy twit, because is she were hott it would be too much temptation for the Lama to be friends with her click here
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  • isht’s hit the fan, I apologize for linking to this annoying newscaster


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