“(Your name) is my Hero” : best Facebook status message ever!

I am scrolling through facebook and see a friend’s status. It said, “Samantha is Working then Judging Pom Tryouts…its ok to be jealous :)”.

I read the pom as porn and for a quick second I was feeling an onset of jealousy, then I thought, wait who wants to see tryouts for porn (ok I know people that would, but I’m not one, porn is one thing but tryouts for porn… imagine an American idol-like situation, I would not want to see the William Hung* equivalent of porn, even if he has an excellent porn name). Well I reread it and saw pom tryouts… still little jealous. I think I’ll have to go right outside and be envious in Piazza Trilussa**, and by envious I mean sit in the Piazza drinking a beer, because they let you drink in public here and that is just nice of them.

“is my Hero” is one of the regular status/away messages I use.

Back in my Aol Instant Messenger days, I was the bored kind of guy that would look at people’s away messages. Those away messages have changed to status messages on facebook, or twits on twitter, not a twit like Sharon Stone two rAnts ago but a typed message that can be written from your cell phone.

Could you imagine if we walked around with our status messages displayed above us, or on a shirt? Or have you ever been dating someone and they change their message to some version of, “I hate you and even if you died I would hate you more since you would have not just taken all my time and energy but would also have taken the one thing I hate the most.”That was harsh wasn’t it? It was difficult to word it correctly. So you see this message then you freak out, WTF did I do this time!? If your dating someone put this message up and see their reaction, do it because it is not nice.

Then there is the opposite spectrum these messeges which is declarations of luv. These can range from how you miss them, how much you cannot wait to see them or how much you enjoyed the time you just had together, as in when he/she just walked out a second ago and you jumped onto the interweb, or even worse he/she just left the interweb and you are speaking of the online chat time you spent. During the beginning of a relationship, these declarations are pretty much as essential as passing gas is a thing to avoid.

Another category are the concern status messages. For instance the school shootings situations, or natural disasters. “Silas never was, is or will be a hokie,” that was mine during the height of Hokiebook Virginia Tech Massacre. My friend Asiful found it to be funny and blunt. Many more may have, and will, find it inappropriate. I did not condone the shooting, but claiming Hokiehood, “just because it is what people do when something bad happens,” lessens what some people who rightfully call themselves Hokies experienced and feel in order to become a Hokie.

It cheapens it or exposes a lot of mass allegiances to be just things you pick up on, because people you know like said team or place. Also as I may have rAnted on before, the Hokie Nation-Haters turned Hokie’s are already back to Hokie Nation-hating. On a side note my mom was listening to fox news last night and they were talking about Obama, and she said “those people are Haters” It was hilarious, I love her.

When it comes to disasters it is well and good that you recognize them, but in most cases the people who would mostly be touched by your messages do not have much time for the internet, making your status message like the sheet of paper on which you write your name at silent charity events.

I like the messages that are a play on words, I am also a fan of the MSN Messenger what i’m listening to status messages, my status on right now is I am not sure where this rAnt is but since it has been a while since posting I felt It a post had to be made. On to mediA and mini-rAnts.

  • *It is no secret that azns are quite fond of karaoke. Do Asians find the spelling azns insulting? Does Silas care if they do? I was reminded about this lil nugglet of fmaythe when walking to meet Lulu for McDonald sustenance (sometimes I make up words, this one refers to things that seem based of facts but are rather flimsy. In this case the flimsiness being the fact that China having a billion people and all, mostly azns, then them not having heard of Karaoke, so then most azns would not be fond of it. You pronounce the word Phum-eight, use it, before I copyright that isht) On the way to throw some McD’s on the bitch that was my hunger on an ishtty cloudy day, I saw what seemed to be a guy of Southwestern Asian heritage, and lo and behold, there was some instrumental music playing extremely loud. When I turned the corner I looked into a huge room where they were having a large karaoke fest. Kids, parents, grandparents and all. Eyy I like the isht too, but was wondering if when some girl gets up and butcher’s a Mariah Carey song, does she know she’s doing it? Do the other people think she sounds a lot like Mariah, heavy accent and all? As i write this rAnt I am forced to answer yes to both. Apparently Karaoke makes you as crazy-bat-isht as Mariah because that is the only way no one told William Hung he was terrible.

  • I have not had too much time for rAnts because we are moving from the beautiful apartment overlooking Trilussa, back into the Villa in EUR. So I have been spending time there helping the moving in process, unpacking, cleaning and such. the previous week I lost my camera at a club, 250 euro gone and many pictures and videos. I am planning on getting one soon so i can continue to post pictures along with my posts. Here is a gallery of pictures from the apartment balcony overlooking the piazza in which i will probably be drunk today… I hope you and your pom tryouts are happy when I get alcohol poisoning, Samantha! the first ones i just took the the other night ones are form previous nights and seasons. I can’t be bothered to take more tonight for i shall most likely be drunk-roaming Roma.
  • I thought I would find people sitting around painting and drawing everywhere in Rome, they do not but I did sit on the balcony and draw this.


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