New Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) Dolls!!!!

Here is picture made of 4 images. I bet you cannot tell which one is Hannah Montana and which is the new Miley Cyrus Doll (P.S. to be fair to the mad levels of James-Bondian espionage and hiding skills that the blonde hair and change of clothes in the show presents, I took the Miley Doll and bleached it’s hair blonde ,so you could have a harder time in picking out the pics of Hannah and the doll)

Miley Cyrus cabbage patch

Before I get into the rest of the rAnt, there is no doll, but there is a comment section at the bottom of this post- This is for all the people that came to this site actually looking for a Miley Cyrus doll and now may be offended by my insinuation that she looks like a freakin’ Cabbage Patch Kid.* If you feel the need to tell me that I should leave the girl alone, comment away. I will probably mark it as spam but they say it’s the thought that counts so I’ll probably get what’s coming to me anyway.

I Looooooooooove Disney. I almost moved back to America because there was potential of getting a job in Naples, Florida.( They used Papyrus font, the most abused font ever for their heading :o( I apologize to Jay, Laura, and everyone else whom I told I may be back in the States soon, but this just gives you more time to come visit me here ) Naples is no Orlando but still far closer to Disneyworld than Rome, Italy is. Torino is a suitable trade-off due to it’s proximity to EuroDisney, I hope Mickey speaks in French there.

If your a regulAr reAder, you’ve reAd my Boo plans, and yes I am taking your silence as approval of the plan. I have and will continue to watch Disney animations and some of their other media…but Hannah Montana… No. I cannot.

I remember seeing her a while ago and just thinking she looks like a cabbage patch kid. Oh by the way if you still have not figured it out. THERE IS NO DOLL! MILEY LOOKS LIKE A CABBAGE PATCH KID. To be fair she does not look that way all the time, since she’s actually rather svelte not at all like those scary stumpy hands, those things weird be out, go back and look at them!, so I could let off a little on her, especially seeing that I want to avoid celeblogging, but after a week of using the buses, trams and metros in Rome and being assailed by her Patchy face, in most cases in 2-hit combos due to the Miley-Hannah duality thing, seeing this picture of her hitting the pursed-face-peace-sign-pose, which i already despise, was more than enough to spArk a rAnt.

Is this mean?

Hellz no.

First of, this chick is happy.

Well at least she should have the amount of money in which if she was not happy doing what she does, she could stop and do what makes her happy. Yeah, yeah,  there are contracts as well as other commitments, people and extenuating circumstances that are keeping her doing what she is doing but still, she could stop and be good. For most of us we stop working > we stop eating > we stop living.

Secondly, Disney has P.I.M.P.ed her out. I mean this chick was everywhere x2. All I saw was train, lil’ cars, Corneterias, Churches and this chick pointing at me with her goofy smile. Hell I may watch her patchy self in the movie as long as I don’t have to spend any cabbage on it.

Thirdly, I bet she could give a flyin’ fraque about what I think. She does not read this site and if she ever caught wind of this, for instance if someone were to take some designs I plan on making and printing shirts of them, I still doubt it would offend the girl.

Do I hate her? No, never met the girl. Do I disapprove of people of questionable talent that are forced into the limelight by the entertainment machine, thanks mostly to the gullibility of the masses, in this case the very powerful purchasing power of the girlpower driven young women target group, we can thank the Spice Girls** and others for kicking this isht storm up, who then in turn take the resulting torrents of adoration and fanaticism as vindication of talent that does not exist?

Yes, we all should, but if we did then there would not be gullible masses and thus the very thing we should be aware of as well as this rAnt itself, would not exist. So once again, I Loooooooooooooooooooooove Disney.

recAp. Miley looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid, but has too much Cabbage to care and if she would all the people whom are making tons of cabbage off of her will do everything in their power to prevent her from caring.

  • * websites for Cabbage Patch Kids .You can get your kid fixed here. This site is for the newer Kids. This picture is disturbing, click on it

  • Spice girls video. ‘Cause like Chris Rock said ‘The Spice Girls are like heroin, somebody is doing it, but nobody admits to doing it.’ (What happened to him, Kat Williams?). You watched the video before, watch it again.

  • MIley Cyrus website, No lies i felt a headache coming seconds after opening the Montana site, but I slave out for Disney so here, Hannah Montana Website.

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