Guess Who’s Back!?

Remember that Ma$e song, Welcome back?*

He sure left again pretty dyamn fast.

I am welcoming myself back.

I am at Lucy’s apt thieving an internet signal from one of her roommates. I could say I am doing this because I want to keep “big brother” off of my tracks and not let them know where the rAnts are coming from, but those would be lies.

The truth is that I have been without the internet for much longer than someone with my internet related interests should ever have to be without it. If I hope for this site to ever be one that garners “big brothers” scrutiny, I need to keep the updates coming. I am writing this welcome back rAnt because the world needs it, really look around you, think about the last 2+ rAnt-less weeks.

The world got worse, didn’t it?

The question is only partially rhetorical because I have also been without TV for the same amount of time. I did however watch some of the Eurocup 08 matches, and congratulations to Spain for a one to nil victory with the most ” I am a better athlete than you so I will be taking this ball and putting it the back of that net” goal i have seen in a while. So I am a little out of your general information on the world at large. Although I missed the internet I have been quite busy, from moving to the suburbs of Rome, to the hour commutes back to the center, to the trip this past weekend to Poppi, a little town in Tuscany, too all the Wiinderful time i have had playing Nintendo’s amazing system.

There will likely be rAnts on those last two subjects in the very near future.

Towards the beginning of the rAnt I typed didn’t, or if i I type “even though Angelina Jolie looks a lot like her father John Voight she is still hott, isn’t she?” or for instance type “Even in Europe when people hear the words “New Jersey” they ask ‘that place sucks, doesn’t it?'” I have met nothing but good people from Jersey so I do not understand the stigma it has.

Those contractions un-contracted are did not, …is not she and …does not it. I would think the words used should be did it not,…is she not and does it not. I am being a little Banal without the b about this but over the last few days while working for a pub crawl, a couple of people gave me the ‘I don’t speak English,’ instead of taking a freaking flyer and throwing it away if they please, but how do you know who really does speak English?

This nice old British lady came up to me Sunday night at one of the events in Poppi and asked “Do you speak English,” now she had met my mother who is Kenyan, and we were in a small town in Italy so it was not too offensive of a question and after quickly considering whether faking a lack of english speaking could save me from talking to anyone the entire night, I answered “Yes, I try.” And I will continue to try in both speaking english and keeping the rAnts coming, sorry Miriam, Kali, Claire, Neal and any other regular readers for the long rAntless weeks.


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