One Vote Does Not Count

To some Politics and religion are taboo.

Many a relationship has been strained or broken while discussing these subjects, or even worse many relationships have been prevented from even starting based on peoples standings on these subjects. I on the other hand enjoy discussing these subjects. They play such a big part in our life that we should discuss them. They are that important and deserve to be treated as such. If something controls a majority of how I live, I sure as hell would like to hear more about what exactly that thing is, and see why everyone is not doing as I do and/or find out if there are better ways to do things than I do.

End of disclaimer now on to the rAnt.

Some of you may know I am of Kenyan descent, and some of you may have heard of the unfortunate post election violence in the country early this year, after rampant accusations of rigging.

Mi Madre is very involved in the government and says that things seem to be getting back on track.

Then of course there are other more visual elections such as the passing on of the torch of sorts in Russia of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to current president Dmitry Medvedev. Many question if voting mattered at all in this case.

Then lately there was the highly contested race between Barak (were on first name basis like that cause our grandparents used to kick it, just kidding, but you’d believe it if i did not say i was kidding) and Mrs.Clinton. (I say Mrs because i am sexist) In this case we saw how the people voting was nice and all but the true decisions seemed to be in the hands of these Super Delegates. The American system is very old and deep and I do not claim to be a political analyst but remember feeling a little out of sorts watching it much like with the Gore vs Bush electoral college system. More on that later I am trying to give a post a day for at least 7 days to makeup for the long silence. I will begin with the following, which is something I wrote a little while ago and posted on Yahoo! Answers. Just some thoughts…

So we all know one vote doesn’t count, so why not get your friends to vote too?
Here are some reasons people do not vote; unaware of the issues, social stigma that it doesn’t count, plain old laziness. In some states the outcome may be pretty much decided because they are pretty sure they can count on some group not to vote on larger elections. Some states have a clear majority of democrats or republicans. When it comes for voting on higher offices it’s either one or the other too but you can still go out an vote. Voting for your city councilman, mayors or other lower level public elects, these influence the higher officials and working of the government in a whole.

ONE VOTE* I am referring to larger elections, where it has not been one or lost by one single vote, if 3 people an election voted one would count more than enough. So i’m pretty much saying if there is a forest fire and you have a drop of water, don’t not throw it on, becasue you know it won’t stop the fire, but get a bunch of your friends together, get your drops together and save some trees *ONE VOTE

I may need to research this a little more but I think that in the last French election about 85% of those that could vote, did.

In the aforementioned Bush vs Gore election about 45% voted, Bush won with less than 50% of that amount, so technically only less that 23% of the eligible voters in the country voted for him. The French technically invented the current form of democracy* but America claims to be the greatest beacon of it in the world today.

From the fervor and interest generated in the race for nomination, there is a chance it could carry on to the general election. In the least people should be given some sort of card when they vote. Then every time someone complains about a politician they should have some special group that goes around checking peoples cards. If you didn’t vote you get fined for complaining about isht you elected to have nothing to do with. This may be hypocritical of me to write this post because at the moment Ii would get fined on the regular, due to the questions I have of whether the system itself works, so technically voting for a broken system would be much like joining a group of people to push an engine-less car up the same old hill with hopes that when we push it down this time, it will actually spring to life and take us somewhere new.

There is hope though.

There are ways to rebuild that engine.

Voting on the local levels may be one of those ways. Or simply showing up to be counted may result in Politicians actually considering your needs now that they look at you as an actual viable voting force.

  • I am a Fan of Will Ferrel, from his SNL Cowbell days to his current movie career. Of late I found out quite a few people dislike him, and especially Talladega nights. I may have found it funnier having lived in west Virginia for a while and been immersed in the Nascar culture, which is actually the most watched ‘sporting’ event in the USA, but i think the dislike stems form him playing the same character over and over. Will Ferrel acted in the movie Stranger Than Fiction right after Talladega Nights. I watched it a few months ago and was surprised at how well he handled the different humour in the Moove. I advise you see it before declaring Will Ferrel to be a one trick pony**

  • One Trick Pony by Nelly Furtado, cause i luv her. she never made a video for the song but they put it on another video


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