I am watching this great episode of “Extreme Machines” on the Discovery channel. It is about Motor Cycles.

I am a fan of most of the bike shows, from American chopper, to Biker build-off, although I fraquing hate, HATE!, the Chopper King. I do not know what it is about them that makes most males go gah gah over engines and things that go vroom.

So they are discussing all sorts of bikes in the show, from the daredevils jumping bikes to drag bikes, custom made Triumph bikes to Ice racing bikes with tires that have razor screws imbedded in them. From hill climbing bikes to some guy riding his bike horizontally in side this globular enclosure etc etc.

It is not a surprise that most of the footage and material covered was from the U S of A, but I must point out a few things.

Watching the Daredevils section, with Evel Knievel and some Bubba guy, followed by the Hill climbing section, reminded me of of how amazing i still find the whole “Doing crazy things while wearing the flag deal.” So I get that it shows that they have the freedom to do anything, but do people really see these guys jumping over 14 ambulances and think, “Hell yes, this is what is is to be American!”

Some people may, that is why I am asking.

So they are interviewing these people and they are all, yeah, I broke this twice, shattered that, blew that out of my skin and leather jacket, hell the Bubba guy said a bone forom his shoulder straight fell out onto the track! He is saying this with such a twang in his voice, and I do not know if it is the time spent out of the States, but it just annoyed the fraqules out of me.

You get many questions about the differences between countries, and one big difference between Rome and the other cities I have lived in, is the amount of motorcycles and scooters. They are everywhere. Seems like a 3-1 cars to bikes ratio.

You see kids on them, guys in full suits with briefcases, people with dogs sitting on the foot-rest of the scooter. This does not help me at all seeing that even in the bike free States, I was highly considering getting one of these two wheeled death machines. Because in a car you get in an accident your good to go, but on a bike the chances of avoiding injury or worse are far, far lower.

This is a logical thought process, but I will be standing at a bus stop, waiting for the ridiculously timed buses in Rome, and then a couple of bikes will zoom by, and I’ll think that chance of injury is so worth it. Pretty much I am getting a bike soon and will probably get hurt badly on it, but can guarantee I will not be wearing a flag when I do so.

  • Here is Evel doing his best impression of a flag trimmed tracksuit full of bones.
  • I found the section of the discovery channel show. Listen to Bubba, maybe I am exaggerating his annoyance.

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