I Here You Sayin She’s Fast, but Usain is Faster Than Your Mom.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive. 9.62 in the 100, 19.30 in the 200. Here is what Michael Johnson had to say about the breaking of his 12 year record.

Count to 30 seconds.

Usain Bolt took less than that time to run 100 an 200 meters, shattering both world records in each distance. Then he danced.

I did not get the pleasure to watch his 100 meter dash but I saw his 200 and the joy was palpable while watching him dance after the race. I was not too big a fan of the plugging of puma, but hey the people running the Olympics are getting money out of it, let the guys doing the literal and metaphorical ‘leg-work’ get theirs too. So what if they do a little more rythmical leg-work after? Now he is getting isht for it. It began with a few blog entries or your usual trifles, then the President of the International Olympic Conference, Jacques Rogge, jumped on the hate-Wagon.

I was about to run here and rAnt about how annoying this isht is when I signed on to Yahoo! to Check my mail and saw this article by Yahoo! Sports Writer, Dan Wetzel, here is an exerpt:-

BEIJING — Jacques Rogge is so bought, so compromised, the president of the IOC doesn’t have the courage to criticize China for telling a decade of lies to land itself these Olympic Games.

All the promises made to get these Games — on Tibet, Darfur, pollution, worker safety, freedom of expression, dissident rights — turned out to be phony, perhaps as phony as the Chinese gymnasts’ birthdates Rogge was way too scared to investigate.

One of the most powerful men in sports turned the world away from his complicity. Instead, he has flexed his muscles by unloading on a powerless sprinter from a small island nation.

Rogge’s ripping of Usain Bolt’s supposed showboating in two of the most electrifying gold-medal performances of these Games has to be one of the most ill-timed and gutless acts in the modern history of the Olympics… click here for article

As Michael Johnson said, the man shut down and still broke the record. I have always wondered why people slow down in the end of the sprints… well at least in the finals.

I do not believe that experience is needed in order to be able to speak about something, but seeing and hearing how amazed Micheal was, the same Michael that dominated for so long, speaks for itself.

Let the man dance.

  • list of 30 household chores you can do in under 30 seconds. I question a few of them but maybe I’m lazy and the house is big. click here
  • I remember hearing somewhere that a hippopotamus is faster than a human on land, although out of wild animals they do kill the most people in Africa every year, I do question the accuracy of the Hippo thing. But who would have thought Squirrels were slower? Click here for more animals vs Human action. On a side note I miss the hellz out of squirrels, there are none here in Rome, and no monkeys to substitute them like they do in India.
  • Update: If you think the celebration at the Olympics was bad, QuietLibrary shows you what Usain usually does.
  • Squirrel pictures, because they humor me, and you like my sense of humor.


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