Want To See Two Girls Kiss?

Once upon a time the answer to that would have almost always been yes.

After a multitude of times having seen it, porn does not count for this one i mean girls who are not professionals, I do not find it as hawt as most people would think. If you have yet to see it, you probably do not live in Rome or have been a college student in the western world in the last 20 years.

Be it for free shots, just for the hell of it, following some attraction, getting the crazed mob to stop shouting at you to show your tits when in a fountain in campo di fiori. If making out were Ramen noodles, the girls would be the noodles and the directions would read, just add alcohol.

The isht happens often.

I’m making diner for mi madre, Veal stew with Mango Chutney, Kale and Spinach with an African Maize meal called Ugali, it was delic’, thanks for asking and come down to change the sprinkler in the backyard and I see this chick on the T… well I saw an amazing ass and noticed it was attached to a girl. The boo… I mean the girl was getting up from some bed and taking some a Polaroid of some passed out guy, I did not feel bad for him because they insinuated that he had got to caress the girls backyard mix-up that I was still appreciating and not really noticing the Polaroid shaming going on. They pull in to a close-up ass shot and , it’s nace. This leads me to think, ‘that’s nace, wonder whose it is?’

It was Jaime Pressly’s in the Aerosmith video girls of summer. So I sit to watch the video.

I think about how hot girls get away with doing some questionable shit. Then I see some part where Kim Smith pulls some guy into the dressing room to make out. Then I think of how many make out bandits there are out there.

One friend in particular got called out on it got pissed then a few days later was making out with the person she was pissed at. I have known guys that will have sex with a girl and not make out with her, yet some girls have these make out bandit tendencies. I am not defending the men but could it be possible that they have been the victims of a bandit in the past, It seems that some guys consider kissing to be much more affectionate than oral sex or even intercourse itself.

When I think of the actual act of the kissing, why kiss someone you like? I recall a conversation I had with Josh about the importance of the mouth and how much our behavior deals with It. Well first of all it is our main point of sustenance, of course that is unless you pull a Kanye and get hit by a car and have your mouth wired shut.

As a child you use your mouth not just for incomprehensible babble and expulsion of semi gelatinous materials, you also use them to experience new things. You suck your thumb in the womb, suckled on your mothers breast, start tasting new things, new delicious things and hell those things make you feel better, so you find something new, you put it in your mouth, maybe it tastes like something. You also breathe from your mouth and nose, and drink from it. Pretty much you realize early that if your mouth was shut your life would shut down soon after. So when you think about the importance of your mouth, kissing someone else is a rather big thing. Essentially sharing a source of your breathing, your sustenance, your life. You share each others air.

Your downstairs mix-up is something you later attach importance to in your life, your mouth is important since before you leave the womb.

So to me, kissing is still something…well something.

So back to the drunk girls making out. Person A is a really cool person, Person B is perceived as a person possessing a hefty amount of sucktitude by Person A, C, D, E, G, Q-S, Y, X and Z. The kind of person that while sharing living quarters, would leave dirty dishes and a note on your bed saying “please clean these.” Something that Person A told Person C and they both agreed was uncalled for.

So Person A, a rather attractive person, decides that to get back at person B by taking advantage of a drunk Person F, whom Person B likes, by making out with them and having them spend the night. Nothing else happens besides the making out and sleeping on a couch. Person C is in the bathroom in the morning and asks Person B if Person T slept over, They angrily/sadly respond by saying “NO, It was Person F!?” at this point Person A walks by in the background and Person C throws them a thumbs up and a smile for having Person F over. Is Person A female? That is pretty much not even a question, hellz yeah Person A is female, so are Persons B and C. So poor Guy gets pulled into this thing, first the girl he likes is probably done with him after the one girl uses him to get back to her, and that’s all it was to her, using the guy.

I used to find it odd when guys seemed stingy with the kissing, but after this story as well as the constant drunk make outs that girls have then what the hey is the big deal? Why wonder if he wont kiss you if kissing is just something to be thrown around.!? It may be situational and what not but regardless I felt like rAnting about it and I am sure the Title of the post will get me some hits, so thurr, go get drunk and get in touch with your inner Bandit.

  • Want to learn more about Kissing, haven’t had your Wikipedia fix of the day? click here
  • Jaime Pressly (pics), Kim Smith (pics) because is you do not look at them, you will hurt their feelings. I cannot find the name of the third woman in the video, if anyone knows it please leave a comment.
  • Aerosmith Girls of Summer video


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