Obama Picks Biden : Cuba Kicks Sweden



I am tempted to say a picture is worth 1000 words and leave it at that, but i’ll give a lil rAnt.

The picture is of Cuba’s Taekwondoer (hehe Taekwondoer) Angel Valodia Matos kicking match referee, Sweden’s Chakir Chelbat, in the face, after he was disqualified in during the +80kg bronze medal Olympic match*

Saw the picture, liked it, grabbed it, posted it

Now on to Senator Joe Biden.

He was picked by Senator Barrack Obama, yes he is still a senator not president yet, to be his running mate in the election. I still thought there was a chance that he would pick Senator Hilary Clinton. Yeah I know she was uBer harsh on him during their highly contested bid for nomination, but lets face it we all look the other way when politicians say one thing and then do the other.

Who is Sen Joe Bid? Besides a guy who reminded me of Joe Budden, Pump it Up video below, you’re smelcome Many may not care who the guy is, just as long as they get to vote for Mr Obama, but I decided to look into it since I am not voting for Mr Obama.

This is his personal page, this is his Wikipedia page where I found out his middle name is Robinette leading me to sing ‘allouette gentile robinette’ and wonder if the grief he gets for his name may deflect some of Obamas’ Osama references, this is his facebook page, this is a blog about when Mr Biden talked about Bush n ‘shit. Good luck Mr Biden

  • *Faccia is Face in Italian. Now I can tag this rAnt as educational
  • **For the article to find out why Angel was Kickin’ Swedes. click here
  • Joe Budden video as promised
  • Cuban B!
  • Updated my Usain Bolt rAnt, He just won another gold medal, you should go watch the new celebration video click here

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