I Got Your Bluejeans Right Here

Sooooo, another somewhat productive day, and am now watching tele. Cooked lunch and diner, prepped some clay for sculptures, planted some vegetables in the garden, pumpkins, tomatoes and some nondescript veggies. Watched some shows, “Without a Trace“, Senza Traccia in Italian and “Criminal Minds.” Though these shows are beginning to bleed into each other, the episodes were somewhat interesting. I do not like “Numb3rs.”

“Without a Trace” is not bad and it entertains me that Anthony Lapaglia,who play’s the part of the head investigator, looks like a future version of my friend CJ and Poppy Montgomery looks like Easter morning. I know the saying is Christmas morning but shes hott not x-mas hott, not to mention me not being a fan of x-mas, white or non-white.

Ok, so watching these crime Federal Bureau of Investigation, that’s what FBI stands for, type shows, in one they find a scrap of torn denim snagged on the corner of a metal shelving unit. One of the investigators then said the guy they were looking for was wearing “Bluejeans” when he disappeared. Later while watching “Criminal Minds”, I was watching it with my fav Malay the other day and we discussed how it was sometimes odd seeing Greg in this role. What would Dharma say if she saw him now. (I am of course referring to the 90’s show Dharma and Greg” starring Jenna Elfman’s tall goofy cute self,) they find out that what they first took to be the remains of an exploded girl were actually hams and steaks stuffed in a pair of “Blujeans.”

WTF!! Why do people say it as one word?

If my jeans where white would you say whitejeans, or white *pause* jeans? I know, I know, for the longest time denim only came in blue and in jean pant length, wait that is not even right, remember united colors of benetton? I do recall having purple jean shorts,with this matching purple striped shirt… ahhhh, I guess they would be Denim shorts and not jean shorts…AAARGGHHH!?!? English is such a difficult annoying language. Any way it is Blue *pause* Jeans. Think I am being annoying and anal, though, my rAnt, reAd my other ones I normally make more sense.

  • Wiki-fix about the history of jeans. click here
  • Wiki-fix about the FBI. click here
  • Poppy Montgomery Pic. Yes, I like this picture for the reason you think I do.


  • Did you know that Sonar stands for Sound Navigation and Ranging? Now you do.
  • “In those Jeans” by Ginuwine. you extend the rAnt below to get the video. I may place everything after the main text in there to shorten rAnts length.

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