Reason # 546 : “Marry Me” signs

Earlier today, While checking my mail and news stories on Yahoo! (which i continue to say is better than Google) this is what I saw:

Is this really news?! There is a lot of Olympic pride in many countries, and I get that it is a big deal for these small town athletes who in all intensive purposes spend their whole lives working towards the goal of being one of the few people to participate in and potentially win a medal.

So when they do they are entitled to be extremely excited, and even dance (see Usain Bolt rAnt), and so do those that support these magnificent athletes.

My issue is the “welcome signs propose marriage” line.

News is supposed to be new.

This is hardly new that people have signs with variations of ‘Will you marry me?’ written on them in all sorts of permanent marker. At WWE (by the way how many of you actually knew WWF stood for World Wildlife Fund before they sued the current World Wrestling Federation and won?) events, Sporting games, Game shows, hell if they let signs into Oprah, I bet you’d have some signs in there too. I do not know what Shawn Johnson did, besides winning a medal, but is that really enough for marriage?

So chances are they were not serious with the signs, or maybe they were. It could explain the ridiculously high Divorce rates in the States, Around 50% last time I checked. People get married for the wrong reasons, and the institution itself is antiquated. besides if you’re going to get married without knowing the person, they usually are really attractive I do not mean just physically, you shallow, shallow people as a large bank account and it’s potential to provide you with a cushy lifestyle is also very attractive.

Another thing is the treatment of these athletes after the Olympics. Sure they will be some Wheaties boxes* for some, the talk-show circuit for a few more, maybe presidential handshakes, hometown parades, an advertising contract or two, but soon enough as it always happens they will be swept under the rug in favor of your Nascar, NFL, NBA, MBL, and other big money sports.

These same athletes to which some randoms holding the same tired played out marry me signs was news (that sentence reaks of grammatical errors) will be relegated into mere nothingness. So when we, as an international community, lob shots at China** for it’s superimposed fireworks, lip-synched anthems and Smiling Boot Camps, we should also look at how we treat athletes after the manufactured grandeur of the Olympics. The athletes will continue to work their well toned butts off, compete in national and international events, with the same stories that people swooned over in the Olympics.

With the same breathtaking performances and heart-wrenching missteps.

But will we notice?

No. Because some NFL player just got caught with a tranny in his Denali.

  • *List athletes on Wheaties boxes click here
  • **rAnt on this subject coming soon. I would like to see if i can collect some articles that pertain to it.
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  • Wiki-fix: Read up on Marriage since you probably decided you’ll partake in it before even knowing what it is. click here

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