Supermodels Gone Bad

Is there a sell by date on supermodels?

 Expecting some top-less pics of models or random crotch shots? Shame on you this is not a porn site also many of these Super people are underage, at least for the Non Europeans reading this. Instead of pics of barely there mammaries and downstairs mix-ups, this rAnt is about some thoughts on the model that is super.

Was that intro sufficiently disturbing? well not really, but that last part was a lil…lets get on with this.

There are various issues that can be touched on, such as their ages, weight or lack there of weight, and the sexual connotations they as visually portray. We can agree that Models are sexual objects. They are picked because, of it and are awarded on their ability to show it.

I remember a tall, thin, blonde at my college and schoolmates saying she should model. She may have moved to some beach state and is modeling. I, remember pointing out thatit was less about being tallish, skinnyish but mostly having a very unique look. You can be gorgeous but if you look like a lot of other girls then bleh. Not too many supermodels look alike, besides the huge eyes and lips…which get’s me to the inspiration for this rAnt.

I’ll give you some back story to it.

I was out in the front yard, thinking of taking the garbage out. I began looking through the boxes and other clutter, looking for anything of interest. I see this magazine, ELLE Girl, Emma Roberts is on the cover*. So I pick it up, I know, I know girly mag but so what? I am a Julia Roberts fan, and Emma is related to the woman and was pretty decent in Aquamarine, which I watched because Jojo is teh sheit, one of the stronger voices produced by the pop movement we are currently drowning in. I took the magazine and left it in my room. Most of the material in the magazines was not worth its legibility, but since I am not the intended target I did not mind. To be honest I’m looking at it mostly for pictures, the hairstyles clothes etc etc which help me with my drawing and reminds me of Julia Roberts’ number one fan, my best bud Ramona, and the card she made for me with cutouts from magazines. Still my favorite boifday gift that I can remember.

looking through the magazine I come across

want to jump in?

this picture.

It is common knowledge that I have a weakness for eyes. I do not have a favorite when it comes to a lot, let alone a type of woman. As you will see in this rAnt whenever I actually get to the friggin point I prefer women that are … more there physically. But eyes trump it all. I am a slave for eyes. I consider a girl with nice eyes pretty even if everything else is not, in the conventional sense. And on top of that I am a huge fan of just witnessing the beauty that is woman. So I get online and try to find more pics of this blue eyed siren. I search Elle girl 2006, with Emma Roberts. No luck. I read through the Info on the clothes during the spread, expecting it to be as it usually is, names of designers and no actual name of model, as they tend to be just symbols, mobile coat hangers, animate mannequins. Luckily this time they was a name, Devynne. After a little searching I found her name to be Devynne Scilingo. After being wowed by a further selection of her ocularly, lippy greatness, I found out that she was born in 1990. The photos were in a 2006 edition. Making her at most 16 when they were captured. At that realization, I felt it was time for a rAnt, this rAnt.

By law, as in ‘whether you agree with it or not you do not do this isht and you get caught we throw you in jail and everyone gets to know where you live for the rest of your life if you make it out of jail’ law, so Judge Dredd Law not Judge Judy Law** It is illegal to have sexual encounters with minors.

Consent or not, as in the age of 16, consent is something you are incapable of, unless you happen to live in Europe then you get it at 14. So in the countries that enforce this law, you could have began dating a girl while you were 16 and her 13; start having relations, and if she thought intercourse on your 17th birthday was a good birthday gift, that same gift could also cost you your anal virginity in jail.

This depends on someone turning you in and pressing charges, because we all know this happens a lot in high school, and many parents are probably harboring criminals in the eyes of some officials. This has not always been a constant, and I also realize there is a reason, a very good one for this law, but you have to agree that society is somewhat hypocritical. They claim it is so wrong but they still actively support and pay people to go find young girls to be given tons of money to use their bodies and looks to make them tons of money.

They do not Interview these girls on their tastes of clothes which after the crimes against community that the Tyra Banks Show has perpetrated, I am thankful for. It’s about how attractive they look in them, their sex appeal. These Models are considered the epitome of beauty by many in mainstream culture. For their physical looks as much as their youth.

I was once waiting for my friend CJ in a strip mall in Pennsylvania. While getting a bite and drawing outside, some girls rolled in, as they tend to do at malls. I absentmindedly looked up and thought one was somewhat pretty. this led to the thought that no matter how old one gets, there will always be a time they will see a younger person and just think, ‘gorgeous.’ The fashion industry uses young girls because that isht works, they are gorgeous. At the same time they tell you it’s a no go. They have entertainers push sex onto young kids, have fashions for young adults another wtf term, what does that shit cover, what ages? Young adults bleh.

After all this society at large is then outraged and surprised at kids having sex in elementary school? yes i said it they even posted a lookout, wikinews.

There is the youth and the lack of weight thing. Most young girls are just that, young. When men and women age they usually gain shape, and weight. So the svelte look that many women want to obtain and many men lust over, is something that these girls have because they’re just not done growing yet, so stop starving yourselves.

You do not look like the young girls, you look like hungry women.

I am losing myself and the want to continue this rAnt.

I feel that there is an issue here that is more important than all of these Devynne made me feel a lil wierd since iI thought she was hott and then found out she was young.

My blog, My issues, now click continue reading for all the gifts.

  • * Emma Robert’s Elle Girl Magazine. click here
  • **here is a fun image I made. I was thinking of posting one with no picture and empty voice bubbles, but hey if you have the ability to save it and place your own words in the bubbles then you have the ability to erase the words I have in there, and now you have the permission.
  • Just out of the love for all things Zissou you should click this link and see more of Devynne at Being a supermodels site there will be tons more waifish 16 yr olds to ogle too 😦

  • On a side note I am watching the end of “Click“, well not the end end but the end of his first go with the clicker. and he is all in the rain with his family. It is supposed to be heart-wrenching but due to the usual Sandler mannerisms it just seems a lil funny, also Bulldogs are ugly critters.

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