Sweden Swallowed by Black Hole : Rest of World to Follow

If this is the headline tomorrow, I’ll be able to say I told you so. If not, we continue living.

Win-win, so why not throw out a garish headline.

Black holes have always fascinated me, consuming many hours of my thoughts. Get it? consuming… haha ’cause it’s a black hole, oh man I bet you wish all your friends were this witty.

They are amazing with their supposed lack of anything. Apparently time itself ceases to exist. Not the constantly changing way we ‘count’ time, but the very occurrence of one thing happening after another. (the book, Mystery of Numbers states that as late as the middle ages, people counted a day as 12 double hour days of 120 minutes each, read the book some years ago so I will not bother quoting it ).

So, although Europe’s Big Bang experiment is unlikely to create that kind of black hole, if the virtually 0% chance happens, applications may relegate the billion euro anti-aging cosmetic surgery field to nothingness.

In related WTFerry, there are Super Massive Black holes in the center of every galaxy, yes even ours. I used the Wiki link as I could not find the original article. They warn that the entry may be too long… but hey, what is too much Wiki? A black hole probably could not absorb the contents of Wikipedia. Yes, not everything on Wikipedia is completely true but shut the hellz up, what really is? Apparently I can celebrate my birthday in Rome then fly west and go back to the day before my bday.

Simulated view of a black hole in front of the Milky Way, or a picture from the Milky Way's annoying warped picture folder on Facebook.

Simulated view of a black hole in front of the Milky Way, or a picture from the Milky Way’s annoying warped photos album on Facebook.

  • space.com story on artificial black holes. click here
  • Aforementioned book, Mystery of numbers. Barnes & Nobles (apparently not a library with Starbucks in it, they actually sell stuff), Amazon because huge corporations need help too or I mean reading is good and so are numbers, so reading about numbers is double good…
  • Lance Armstrong is cycling for cancer, possibly with Kazakhstan, according to CNN.
  • Kim Jong-Il missed his birthday. Maynn!!! and went through 7 issues of Seventeen Magazine to make him a collage Birthday Card.
  • I watched the MTV awards yesterday and did not recognize a lot of the people nor know many of the songs played. I am finally free of the American pop-machine’s influence. On a related note, I despise Madonna and would like to beat her over the head with Katy Perry’s spine. You kissed a girl, that’s nice, shit happens.

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