YouTube ing Again : Happy Feet Angry Heels

You know YouTube. It is not a question, It is safe to assume if you are checking out this blog you know of YouTube, for better or for worse. not to mention by while mentioning my extensive use of YouTube videos to highlight blog points.

This has been a rather unproductive weekend. There was a decent party* at Rocco’s but besides that, it has been rather vanilla. I have watched a lot of videos on-line, mostly Mad Men and Dr. Who, both great shows. With Mad Men it is interesting to see how odd the world was at the time, and it makes it easy to see how odd our behavior today will seem in a matter of years. Also as advertisers they were rewriting the way the business world portrayed themselves. I digress, let me get back to the point before I wander off so far that I need  the TARDIS to get back to it.

Although YouTube used to be my go to place for all Internet viewing, I have found many other sources, since sometimes you to watch something longer than 5 minutes. While reading up on the weekend in NFL and College football, I watched the Florida loss live on Yahoo! Sports and that was just one of the upsets so there was a lot to read about. Read how analyst Chris Carter was getting on Matt Millen for drafting Charles Rodgers and Mike Williams. Both lauded in college as top receivers but after being first round drafts the their NFL careers, so far, have been mediocre at best. I myself remember wondering why they just kept getting Wide receivers from the draft. Roy Williams, from Texas, was ‘thrown to the lions’ as well nothing like a lil’ sacrilege to spice things up.

I remember Aaron loving Mr. Rodgers, and watched a few games of his games. I had only been playing the sport for about 4 years, and actually watching it for even less, but it was hard to deny his athletic gifts. I remember him having a circus catch over some posterized Defensive Back**,so i decide to YouTube it (video of some catches if you click continue reading at the bottom of the post).

I get to Youtube, and it is all in Italian. My Italian is not terrible but prefer an English language online experience. But with all this web 2.0 and 3.0 isht, websites read your IP Address and switch the site to match your assumed language preference. Now I know many Italians seem to not speak English, and most Italian IP’s are used by Italians, so I am not the target audience…but it still gets to me sometimes.

Since I have been using some of these sites for a while and have to switch isht to English, bleh. After trying one or two things and having it switch back to Italian on every reload, I signed into Youtube to in hopes that when I do figure it out, the preferences will be saved to my Profile. Once everything was Anglo, I look into the new MySpace and Facebook inspired account interface on their front page. I check my comment mail. There were some comments I made on Micheal vick videos, that I may have mentioned before (If not, I think many Americans hate Vick more than O.J. and not because Vick was found Guilty, more because for one species America is still the best place to be, dogs). The videos were gone, because not only does YouTube have short clips, ever since Google purchased it, it is a great target for getting sued for copyright violations.

Well the last video I checked was the one at the top of this post. My comment a year ago was “this is absurd” then someones response to that comment was “why is it absurd?” Innocent question, right? Nothing to rAnt about, correct? My response the this mateo1970 persons comment was “because one can find something to nit-pick about in pretty much every possible thing said and done.

You can try and find hidden meanings behind anything.

Simply analyzing the etymology of words we use we can say someone is implying something they do not have any intention of doing. That is how it is absurd.” I will get more specific by using the example of the word Volcano. While watching an episode of Dr Who set in Pompeii, the annoying twat of an assistant Donna Noble, keeps bugging the Doctor to save the Pompeian. He points out how it is a set occurrence that he can not stop nor warn them of, for they do not even have the word Volcano, since it was created after Pompeii. Vesuvius was just a Mountain to them. At the end a Pompeian overlooking the destruction of the city below comments on how the lord Vulcan, the roman god of fire, must be angry, and says they can call it a Vulcano.

Well this is not far from the truth of the word itself.

So to mateo1970 it may not be absurd if while talking about the 1997 movie “Volcano” staring Tommy Lee Jones, who was a nice addition to the exceptional ensemble cast in No Country for Old Men, some atheists may complain that having a Volcano destroy the city, is a conservative Directors way of saying that the power of religion through nature scan cleanse the liberal Los Angeles. mateo1970 may still not see absurdity in any scene showing a church being destroyed being portrayed as a pagan directors views that Roman Gods are stronger than the Christian God, polytheism vs monotheism. So Mateo1970, what is absurd? It could not be the way the penguins walked.

Definitely not that in all the hundreds of wordy defenses and attacks of this video my 3 word comment on the obvious sparked your interest. Never in a Million years could it be that the clips for the YouTube Video are from ‘news’ channels and shows, not the E! network.  You, mateo1970, are absurd.

  • Sometimes ill read comments to see what people say. maybe mateo1970 just wanted some more to read resulting in commenting on my comment rather than the others that had already said their say. if so, I do not apologize , you are still absurd, go pick up a book.
  • *Excellent category while playings Circle of death or however you call the drinking games with the cards in a circle where the King or 10 is the Categories card. YouTube video quotes. Just a quote from a video, not the whole video itself. It will help to actually know the name of the video in order to defend your quote. No one can ever agree on what the cards stand for!

  • ** I realize there is a lot of terminology in here that non-fans of American football may not get. so for my European friends and readers a Circus catch is what we call it when someone catches the ball in an implausible manner, usually over people or while diving through the air. in comparison to Cirque du Soleil, what you see makes you ooh and aah, same with circus catches. Posterization, occurs during sporting events when an athlete usually much better than the one being posterized, does something athletic, like a circus catch, a dunk in their face, or some fancy footwork leaving the defender looking at the grass as you pass. Defensive Back is a position in football, like a midfielder in soccer except not anything like them…read more here, more about American football here, more about original Football here, the one that actually uses feet to ball most of the time


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One response to “YouTube ing Again : Happy Feet Angry Heels

  1. Ah, don’t you love it when random people on youtube post for the heck of it. To solve that problem I just visualise a fat, mid-30s computer geek typing away with a bag of cheezos on his stomach (hopefully it won’t be a her).



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