Hoelloween Costumes On All Hallows Eve

You know what is 31 days away?

The day that girls go out at night and dress like…ladies of the night? No, well actually yes, but it is also Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Hallowed End, Samhain. There are many names for the night. I will not claim that I have ever practiced ye olde All Hallows Eve traditions, but I am pretty sure they involved keeping your children inside hidden and protected from witches, demons and creatures by religious charms and not sending them outside dressed like demons, witches and creatures singing spells and trick or treating. This month I will post many Halloween related rAnts. They will range from costume ideas to party ideas, funny stories of past Halloweens to things to potentially avoid. Who am I to say what is funny and should be avoided? Who are you to doubt me?

Before going further, here is what Wikipedia has on Halloween. Interesting stuff. Let it be said that I am not to big on Holidays. I have moved around a fair amount and have seen different holidays been celebrated, when recognized, in many different ways. Then upon doing research on said holidays, I realized the intent of the holiday had been lost like a drunk Scrooge McDuck in a money bin of capitalization. Or some ‘ruling body or authority’ had picked and selected the parts they preferred like a single white woman sitting in front of the Sushi train. When it came to deciding how I would celebrate many of these Holidays, I decided that I will not. I did not find much to celebrate nor agree with most of the original reasons for celebrating, so decided to do as I felt. Due to this and other reasons, I have never ever have the gall to tell someone, “‘Insert description of behavior and practices you usually do not fully understand’ is how you celebrate ‘insert holiday name'”.

Now to today’s Halloween installment.

As I have hinted to before, costumes when coming to females have been heading towards how little you can wear and still portray a costume? I remember getting to America in the mid 90’s and although I do not completely remember my first Trick or Treating experience, I have many fond memories of the elaborate, and not so elaborate costumes that we wore. My parents may have put me in costumes as a wee lil tyke in France but I have no recollection of this, any pictures or the want to ask them if they didn’t. Lest I uncover some childhood trauma of being left out of the Parisian, Veille de la Toussaint activities, and other holidays that may have lead to my current indifference to holidays.

Digression over.

The current costumes or lack-there-of costumes, just wearing lingerie is not a friggin costume, has me in a little of a conundrum. I am angered by their lack of effort, in some cases, to create a good costume but at the same time…what’s not to like about girls walking around with nearly nothing on? Or that the little they have on leaves nearly nothing to the imagination? Things change, everything besides the fact that things change, changes.

One thing that has not changed since my first Halloween experiences is Jack-O Lanterns. The festival’s the competitions, the pumpkin related derived soups and pies, the way the popping sound they make when you kick or throw them. Ah the Joy that is the Jack-O’-Lantern. After clicking the link and reading about them enjoy these pictures of them.

  • Halloween costume to avoid because its played out and lazy- French Maid Costume
  • Hallows event idea – Have people make Halloween food, you can see ideas form the pictures or you can just go with cookies, hard to go wrong with cookies. For the more Culinary inclined here are some Food Network recipes and All Recipes… recipes
  • Great costume Ideas- Besides Jack-o Lantern related costumes try Video Game Characters click here

    it’s a me, Maarriiooo!

  • mehughes has a wonderful photostream of a jack-o lantern spectacular. you should check it out. click here
  • I have the Ducktales theme on my MP3 rotation, for all of you who need some more Duckburg goodness you have to click this link and see this scale model of the Money Bin.
  • It would also be an in justice to you all if i did not post the theme song here, but being the giving soul that I am, if you click continue reading you can get the theme song in German, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish and Japanese

German –

Norwegian –

Dutch –

Swedish –

Polish –

Japanese –


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