rAnt too long? That’s What She Said

So I just posted a rather long rAnt.

Neal, a good friend of mine, once told me that he liked to read the rAnts but could hardly get through one, let alone a couple of new entries, in one sitting. I will address that here, but first the title. At Rocco’s party while playing a drinking game, we got to Never Have i Ever. First time around we used 3 fingers. The next time someone drew the card, the girl next to me suggested we use 10 fingers, someone said, “no,  10 is too much,” Rocco and Gianfranco look at each other and  in tandem say, “That’s what she said.” Laughter all around. I know online time is very precious or at least scattered, jumping from page to page, but you know what. It is a Rant A. Tonne. Not Quip A. Little. Enjoy.

  • Google answers on web pages viewed per day session month and such. click here
  • Blog on time may have something to do with spending time on the net. click here

In case you have not been to Rant A. Tonne over the last 2 days All Hallows Eve is nearly upon us. here is this rAnts contribution to it.

  • Semi-thoughtful Hoelloween costume for the ladies: Be the girl they talk about when they say “that’s what she said.” just wear regular clothes and say “then I said…” or  “That’s when I said…” You do not have to have your junk out but can still spend all night being as sexually suggestive and inappropriate as you damn well please.  if you feel a visual costume is needed, you could write “I’m the one that said that” on your shirt.
  • Halloween costume to avoid at all costs : Flavor Flav, really it… it’s Flavor Flav. I do not even need reasons. If you have the urge to go time-related, wear a big circle (cardboard, foam, something) in front of you with the numbers and hands. Place a bra on your head as the bells. Presto, you are an an alarm clock. Or as a couple, one can be the letter C and another could be a ‘Lock’ of sorts. Complete each other, you have clock.


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