WTF!! bringing back 1049 RPHA: Reason #72

So as the good Captain say’s, this is a WTF rAnt.

I’ll get to the pictures but first some written WTF.  I turned on the television to find it on the E! network. They were speaking of how Victoria Bekham cut her hair really short, then some fashion stylist spoke of how short hair was back. How is it back? how long was it gone for? Where did it go, or did it ever really go? Were people just doing other things?

One thing that was back, was my hand on the remote control and my finger on the channel changing button.

I ended up at CNN, where I learned it was not only Tuesday, but that in four short Tuesdays, people will be voting in some country named the United States of America. Since I have been blind and mute for 2 years, or is just an excuse im sticking to for the lapse of judgment, I continued watching the news. Which led me to bring another thing back. the 1049 Reasons People Hate America : Election Coverage.

WTF with all the coloured maps?!? Red state-Blue state, safe for Obama…was red for McCain but is now yellow… I discussed Russia’s past ‘election’ in a previous rAnt, (oNe vote does not count) but I wonder why they do this.

if in a blue state (democrat), how would you feel if you intended to vote for a republican candidate in? Possibly that your one vote would not count? If that is the case, how many others feel the same and don’t or do vote, yet do not hold a torch to the thousands voting opposite who agree with the states stated colour? Where are the state colours for Bob Barr and Ralph Nader? Who are these people you ask? Why, they are the other 2 candidates running in the election, didn’t you know? It’s a free election.

This is not like in other countries where you know who is going to win weeks before anyone pretends ballots have been casted to be counted. Anyone can win, it is a toss up, as long as your colour is on the…this is annoying.

Some states vote one way others the others. Since they have states ”in the bag” the election is usually a battle of less than a quarter of the states, the so called ‘swing states.’

So how do they go about this, convincing these people to vote their way? Policy? Hellz no. One reasonto be undecided, is that one has is not clear on what exactly the big difference between the parties and candidates actually are.

So instead of getting people to vote for them, they concentrate on finding reasons why you should not vote for the other candidate.

A sort of ‘you may not like me that much, but at least I’m not as bad as that person,‘ I was going to say guy but now that may be considered sexist. I am sick and tired of hearing about whose preacher said what, whose daughter fathered whose child, who is old enough to have been to Jesus’ actual birthday and whose fam died when and how they felt about it.

Let me guess?

Lost, distraught or one your usual reactions to tragedy, but found a way to use their memory as a strength to get the person to where they are. What did you expect them to say they were overjoyed? You are not picking a BFF, you’re ‘picking’ a President.

A common defense of all the coverage is that through freedom of press they ensure that it is a fair impartial election and prevent any corrupt or shady going’s on. I could spend time to dissect how this is far from the truth but Halloween is sooner than the election, and for most of you reading this, is the one you would most likely participate in. So here is this rAnts Halloween installment.

  • Party Idea, Hair Party. Just have people do ridiculous things with their hair, or wigs or weaves. Just craziness that begins from the head.
  • A WTF costume could be anything crazy that makes you or others think WTF could be the those Quizno’s commercial weird things I remember seeing the m for the first time and just thinking WTF, but as advertising it worked, it was memorable. speaking of advertising, I am watching “Mad Men”. Laverne from“Scrubs” is in this episode. Earlier some old lady talking about adoption said, “I would hate to exclude you (from the family) but you know how your father felt about this. It is appropriate for some but really your pulling from the discards.” ah the ridicularity of it all. But the Quizno’s videos may be more ridiculous. click continue reading at the bottom of the page to see the videos.

  • Group costumes. Bunch of girls could get halter tops and skirts. On the Halter write a name of a spice. wear a red, blue or green hat. Go to the store but the matching spice you wrote and put some on yourself, be careful some like paprika may stain your skin. get one or two friends to do the same, voila, spice girls costume. A plus is you can spend the whole day asking people if they want to see your spice rack and throwing strong smelling spices at people. Happy Hoelloween.

quiznos commercial

original video with the creatures.We Like the moon”

A Green spice rack that made me think wtf


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