Got hoes? No, but I ate some last night

So last night I was watching a discover channel program on space and military. In between a segment focusing on the HOE.

I was thinking how far the warfare has come since the days where we could all wear ho…then “Area Codes” by Ludacris began to play.I said to my friend, “I really need to change that ring tone.” He says laughing, “yeah that would be embarrassing in public, if your phone started singing about hoes.” I answer I am not changing it for the public, you HO,(he is from Ho, Ghana) I’m changing it for reasons of false advertising.”

My friend Saul was on the phone asking me what kind of poker game we were playing later that night, I told him HOSE.  He began to tell me about how last night he had met a girl from the Hoe, and wanted to see if he could bring her along. I told him sure but he’d have to call Ho Zhin-Weh and let him know to make some more Hoe so she could have something to eat.

After he hung up I began to think of how funny it would be to play “Hoes in my Room**” tonight during the game. Getting back to the show I began to ponder about how far the warfare has come since the day when, even without women, all men had hose. Antoban, took the remote and began to channel surf. He seemed to waver at a channel but as soon as I saw Ho, with the number 67 above it, I said next for I despise chemistry. After a channel or two, a documentary on Model Railroads caught his attention. He has been an enthusiast for years and I remember bonding on a story of how we were both disciplined with a myriad of objects as children.

One of those object was a hosepipe. He for stealing a train as a child, and I for an absent-minded throw of a hoe in my sisters general direction, while we were helping in the garden. In anticipation of him beginning to talk about HO scales and other Model Rail jargon,  which tended to make me want bond something swift to the back of his head, I stood up and went to get some Hohos.**

When I came back He was watching the News. They were reporting on the widespread effect of the credit crunch and global warming. There was a chart displayed that showed the correlation between the price off HO, its effect on the HOSE and the environment, since people turned to other cheaper, dirtier sources for warmth, coal. As we turned the channel to MTV and heard Rick Rubin speak of his days in Hose, Chantell called. She said she was going to be a little late because she could not stop playing Heroes of the Pacific ever since she found out HoE was coming out in 2009.

Enough of this, on to the rAnt.

First none of what you just read happened. I am in the process of learning Italian to better live here and to attend Grad school.

It is a rather difficult ordeal. I feel I may have talked about this before but bear with me it’ll be a short rAnt. The first thing that took  me for a loop was the different subject pronouns and how they changed the verbs and other words. Io for first person, tu for second, lui/lei for third person masculine/feminine and ni, voi and loro are the plural forms for them respectively. Leggere, to read, in italian would be conjugated, leggo*, leggi, legge, leggiamo, leggete, leggano.  I am not sure if it was due to not paying attention in school, to it being a long time ago, or maybe I gave up on learning the rules after the American school system took down the U, why U, you… bastards! but I do not remember the technical names for English grammar.

I think have a considerably good grasp of the language, read enough to have a decent vocabulary and do not seem to make many grammatical errors, but if you ask me to give names to the different parts of a sentence… I come up blank. So maybe this is a reason it made it and is still hard to grasp the Language. Once in a while I’ll think I have formulated the sentence out in my head and it will turn out to be in french, dyamn the 5 years post birth in France and the 2 of french at T.W. Pyle After a while I began to see the benefits of the intricacy of the Italian language.

Unlike the English language, there are not too many words that sound the same let alone look the same, that mean more than one thing. There are also certain sounds produced when certain letters are in a certain order that always stay the same. English is a hard language to pick up on if it is not your first.

Hoelloween 23 days away, here are this rAnts ideas.

  • words  of the day, are the costumes of the day. Hoe, Ho, Hose. This edition is more for guys to take advantage of all the hoelloween action out there. One good way is dress as Santa Claus. You can spend all night having girls sit on your lap, or at least you can walk around pointing them out while saying ho ho ho. Like pointing but don’t like Santa? You can dress in something Gaudy, or whatever pimps wear and then you can go to a party and when asked what you are dressed as just point around and say, “these are all ma hoes.” No plush suits? Get dressed in jeans and a checkered shirt like Buddy Lee, put on a straw hat, say the same thing, and call yourself a farmer. No hos, or afraid the ones you point at my trounce or mace you. Then get actual panty-hose and say those are your hose.
  • For the ladies for some reason I still like the whole daisy dukes thing, it is simple and effective. so rock it.
  • Group costume, It only works if your attending a party in a city, one dresses as a Ho, another as Chi (from Chobbits) and the third as MIn add your location and you have Ho Chi Min city
  • *…my Eggo
  • **Naruto Hilarity. “Hoes in my Room” By Ludacris ft. Snoop click continue reading at bottom of page
  • buddy lee story
  • I was searching for hose and came to this Autistic Hose Games


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