Putting your Trust in U.S.An Administration you can Bank On.

Is anyone as wary of the goings on in the States as I am? I find it may be a conflict of interests to have the same people that print the money be in charge of storing it. I saw this on yahoo today. Click the image to read the story.

Money, Money, Money, Money....Mooooonnnneeeeyyyy!

Money, Money, Money, Money….Mooooonnnneeeeyyyy!

That may be a general worry, there are more specific and technical issues that are brought up by the potential of the government having ownership stakes in banks. The administration is on it’s way out, and I know I know you cannot expect them to just stop ‘governing’ due to that. But their track record is, how to best put this… not as awesome as the following video. Dare you to not have it stuck in your head all day

Halloween costumes for this rAnt. Dress as one of the Motown Era performers. O’jays, the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, the Jackson 5, The Commodores artists from the 50’s-70’s. You can get to wear all the cool clothes then for a party idea choreograph dances and have a karaoke Halloween night. Speaking of parties, Another good costume and party idea would be political parties. Dress up as famous politicians, but avoid the cliche masks. Make it more subtle. Like for George Bush Sr you can dress as a tree. for Nixon wear a suit and draw or tie two peace signs to your hands…or come as a donkey or an elephant. Then at the party you have a competition between sides where you act out or say a few words and the people need to pick what political event you are referring to.

Because I know your begging for more old videos, “Ain’t too proud to beg” by the Temptations.

Stop and Listen to the guys commentary at the start to hear some sexist and possibly racist towards people rocking Afro. “stop in the name of love” the Supremes.

Look at all the afros in the crowd shot, friggggin awesome “Love Train” by the O’Jays

“I want you back” Jackson 5. Great video

A slow song from the O’Jays, ‘Cry Together.’


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