Clay Aiken Makes for Easy Mackin’

If you are not an open-minded person or tend to be touchy about certain subjects then I suggest reading some other rAnt on this blog.

Ah although Kraft Easy Mac is teh isht but this is not a rAnt about the awesomeness that is anything containing cheese. This is about Clay Aiken, and Lance Bass, George Tekei, and many more. Essentially the costume would be going as a homosexual celebrity. I am not sure if it is offensive to say gay if you are not, and of course if you are not meaning ‘happy’, as in lively and what not. Not that I am saying you can’t be lively and gay, but I am saying that if you are lively you are gay. Hellz, from the Miriam Webster dictionary definition, gay may refer to just male homosexuals.

Come to think about it it is GLAAD.(Gay & Lesbian alliance  against defamation) Soooo this in-turn raises and issue, since a bar frequented by homosexuals is called a gay bar, the summer event in Rome is called gay village, the website where you can find more celebs for Halloween is called gaycityusa.

The issue raised is that even in a lack of relations between different sexes, sexism still occurs to hold males higher. As previously mentioned, gay may be the word that refers to the sexuality and not gender and sexuality. What it all boils down is using the term gay or homosexual gets a little confusing, like the infamous ‘n’ word amongst people of African descent that no longer live in Africa.

Well back to the costume.

My idea is to pick celebrities that for a while claimed to be Heterosexual. I am not making any judgments on why they did so or whether it is a situation that you can realize later on. The idea would be to dress like them and then avoid getting harassed the whole night about being an inappropriate jag-off.

Ok that is not the plan but that may result if you do execute the plan, which is to hit on members of the sex opposite to the one of the celebrity your dressed as. I have seen many a time when  homosexual friends have been rather touchy feely with people of the opposite sex. Seriously heavy petting action, stuff that may get hetero people maced. If someone takes offense to your hitting on them, tell them you don’t mean it, since your not into them. Then be prepared for more expressions of how inappropriate you are from judgmental humorless folk, as it is very sensitive divisive topic.

So realize if you do this some jag-offs will call you gay, and they do will not mean jovial, you may be called insensitive for not being understanding of the difficulty that gay/homosexual/lesbian people go through. Another Idea just came to me. If you are a lesbian for instance, you can dress as Sulu (George Tekkei) from Star Trek, then hit on all the women walking around scantily clad, like you had just been beamed down to a parallel earth that is always stuck on Halloween. Then upon anyone saying your inappropriate, say you do not mean it because your costume is George Takkei, on the set of an Episode of Star Trek. So you were just acting and they should STFU.

Want to watch “return of the mack” by mark morrison click


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