1049 Reasons People Hate America: Reason # 871 Ghost Riding

This is a quick rAnt. I do not mean the song Ghost Ride the Whip by Mistah FAB. Well At least for now I do not mean that. The reason I speak of is this next video

to add insult to injury here are some excerpt of some comments I saw on the page.

  • So let them talk the talk while we walk the walk were the ones making a difference in the world while they sit around and complain about it.
  • There is no other country having as much fun as America during these times even when we have all these other countries saying “Fuck America” we still manage to smile and turn the other cheek and not give a damn about what other people think cause they have no idea the pride there is in being an American but they’ll never understand so why bother trying to get it through their thick skulls.

Need more reasons. Here are a few more. 1049 Reasons People Hate America.

For costumes, Ghosts or the Ghost busters. I am in a rush so I am not going to look going images for the time being.

Hoelloween costume. Wear your lingerie and then get some fabric that is almost see through or better nothing at all, then say your clothes are ghosts of clothes that’s why no one can see or feel them…no one will do this.

Here is the music video of the song

Here is one that made me laugh. It may be due to Middle school and High school spent in the suburban expanse that is Bethesda. Maryland


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