1049 Reasons People Hate America : Reason # 1

I was a little apprehensive in placing this in the 1049 Reasons People Hate America rAnts, as they are rather satirical and are not intended to be taken too seriously.

So when my brother sent this to me in the mail I was not sure what to do with it.

I wanted to post it, but did not know how to go about it. If you have yet to read any of my previous rAnts, or do not personally know me I lived in America for about 13 years. One thing that played a large part in my willingness to leave, albeit all the great people and experiences that I had there, that have made me who I am today and will be with me for the rest of my life, I could not imagine living in any one place in the States.

The amount of international and intercontinental traveling as a child played apart in the inability to envision settling down, but that alone would not have been enough. I saw certain behavior that did not seem to fit.

This was America, the land of the free, THE Super-Power, the place people want to be in order to be the best they can be. I was increasingly encountering situations that made me think “Wow, this happens here?”  Which led me to think that if shocking and appalling things were happening even here, in the supposedly best country in the world, then what am I really avoiding by staying here?

This is my Number 1 Reason People Hate America : Americans should know better.

This may be the root of all my issues with the place. Certain things occurring in other countries can be understood if not excused due to various social inequities and limitations present in the countries. These countries can be argued to be very young or otherwise crippled by various historical issues, and on top of that are following a blue print that was set up from the success that the USA benefited from. Americans however claim to be the cream of the crop, they have the resources, they have the people, they have the history, they have the access to information, education and ideas. They should know better.

Picture two people; A 35 yr old who is greatly talented in many different fields and the other a 3 yr old infant. You watch them for a week during which they both sit around letting the time pass. Who would you be more disappointed in? I am not holding a whole country responsible for the actions of a few people, as most of my dealings were positive. By pointing out the bad I do not intend to say there is no good, but the bad should be talked about. It should catch out minds eye easier than the good, for that is proof that we all realize that it is something that should not be.

Despite having said I won’t apologize for my rAnts, but I will now apologize to you. Not for the people on the videos, but for posting this and possibly leaving you as disturbed as I find myself right after viewing them.

I am not claiming any sides in this. My issue is the judgmental nature and apparent ignorance displayed. The fact that in so many countries people literally die in search of a sliver of information on an opposing party. Politicians are afraid to run, lest their entire village be razed to the ground. Places where armed militia from the incumbent party stand by the polling booths and ask you who you voted for. That is why I find  it so appalling when someone claims to be of one party or take a side whilst being willfully oblivious to all other points of views or information present. Here is part 2 if you can handle it.

My issue is not with any of the sides it is with the reasons or lack there of reasons for the claims. For instance when the camera guy says “You’re African-American why are you voting for McCain?” WTF!!! Why not?!?! Just because you are of a ‘race’ that one of one candidates parents is from should mean you vote for him? For shame, camera guy.

Turn the camera on yourself as well.

The world is getting smaller day by day. America is still a (if not the) leader in the world. When you get so far ahead of the pack you may loose perspective of what is going on and begin to slack. There is also a chance that a little, if not a whole lot of, self-analysis needs to be done. In many areas you may lack the ability to really see a different side of things because you are surrounded by so much of the same thing, like the child yelling in the background of video 2, I wonder what party he’s likely to vote for once of age.

In America there is enough ‘diversity’ for people to experience new things but they seem to choose not to.

Halloween is soon, dress us uncle Sam, or if a girl you can be a sexy cousin Samantha. Just be ready for a jeer or two if you’re not in America.

5 responses to “1049 Reasons People Hate America : Reason # 1

  1. Big Rob, you are too much. Love this stuff. Hit me up on email. Hope all is well.


  2. people hate america because they realise after many yeARS of bs that there is no such thing as the american dream. Which is why americans themselves dnt give a sh*t about their country.Thus if an uncaring society develops sooner or later its “power” will inevitably fall.

    God bless America



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