3000 reAds!! BYYYAAAAGGGHH!!!

No posts In a week, Where have I been?

Not to worry, I was busy having a life, not that bad of one either. Your silver lining on the cloud that is my lack of posting time due to me lifeing it up, is that I then rAnt about the seemingly obligatory disappointing happenings during the time lifed up.

So I have been out for 5 of the last 6 days.

Those days have been mixed with various things such as crashing at Lu’s watching movies and making  and ingesting the deliciousness that are cheese fries. Meeting with a Music producer/promoter/stuntman to discuss handling his design needs to ponging it up with the regulars at Rocc’s (Monti, I hate your faccia ). I wound it down of sorts with a trip to Perugia, for the last day of the Eurochocolate festival. I come back to Rome sweet Home to find that not only all the Old isht still where the dead folks left them but something new has happened. I am over 3000 hits. Yay. Thanks youse guys!!!!! To celebrate ill break out a Poll. WordPress activated them a ‘lil while back and this is a good a time as any to  use one. Enter your selection then there is a nice long rAnt after it.

I also continue the costume ideas I’ve been posting in every rAnt this month.

It was a rather tight weekend since I took on the design of a flier after already committing to the trip but managed. So apparently did half the teenagers in freaking Rome. I get to to Termini after an hour and a half of sleep, after setting 4 alarms on at about 20 minute intervals, in fear of missing the 7:30 meeting time at Termini.

Got off and got on the next train because it was standing room only for over 3 hours. So after a dreary wait on the terminal, getting to know her roomie, we get on the train and  it does not take me long to get right back off. I have an overheating problem, i’m not good with close proximity, let alone for 3 hours, with teens yapping away in dialects unknown to me. Remember one of my friends saying “Stay on the train, they’ll get off.” I’m thinking yeah they’ll get off, at the friggin’ chocolate festival, you think they forgot there is an annual festival of tonnes o’ choc? What do you think they are carrying back packs for?

Well I was right but on the ride back, rushing around platforms to grab seats made the trip that much more interesting.

So I got off went to the automatic ticket machine and reserved a seat on the next train. Then I felt guilty. Not because of my comfort compared to my friends sweaty standing hell, One of the Roma, sat across the table from me. I was in between texting my friend from the first train to boast about my clutch seat with a table, which enabled me to draw and therefore handle the extra work of the flier and other design, and was going to text sorry  at least you’re not sitting across from the Latin American guy that grabs the Spear of Longinus in the start of “Constantine.”  the guy that gets hit by the car driven by the person that hits things in the middle of nowhere because he sucks at life like that

I didn’t.

Not because I felt guilty, or because it was an inappropriate thought, well to many of you to me it’s par for the course, but because I detest texting. I was not yet feeling guilty, but I was about to be.  Some old conductor guy, comes out of my periph’ at a decent speed and stands facing my ‘seatmate.’ In Italian he asks for the guys ticket. As I begin to look for my ticket I look across the aisle,  I can not remember if the two  people sitting there were doing the same.My seatmate pulls out his folded tickets, he was transferring like I was, but before I could come up with some other issue with his presence,  like having no leg room the rest of the trip, since my knee was up against one of the struts below the table, I felt guilty.

The conductor, after handing back the guy’s tickets, walked of. I looked at the guys face and it was a mixture of anger, shame and confusion. He shook his head and muttered something under his breath. I felt his offense and my guilt.

For those that do not know about the Roma, well at least for the North and South American’s reading this that do not know about the Roma in Italy, let me try and give you a sense of the feeling that society has to them. Saying they inspire similar feelings as the newer, lower class, immigrant Mexicans and Latin Americans in the States, is like saying an Oreo is the same as your supermarket brand choc-o-sandwich cookie.  We all know from previous rAnts( Eat OREOS!), it would be a huge understatement, almost a disservice. The feeling of contempt they inspire in some Italians is deep.

I feel It, I buy into some of it, I thought it when he sat down. I am glad I did not act on it and get up, like many an Italian may have. But I still did and I felt apologetic for it. Well that was until he coughed on my hand then I started thinking…

Halloween time is soon. If you haven’t gotten on your costume ideas you are slacking my deAr reAder. There a lot of Romanians, the Roma, are what the term Gypsy usually refers to. And some look the part too. It is a little odd seeing them around which may be due to a little nostalgia my first 5 years in France,. as well as their media portrayal. The long , flowery, patterned dresses to the dark, thick, wavy tresses, Is pretty much the way some of them look. Strange how your culture and society influences the way you display yourself physically. The costume idea is to dress as a gypsy. If your in Italy make a day of it and see if you can feel the disdain.

COstume for "Gypsy Wench" as titled on the site i theived it from

“Gypsy Wench” costume, or so says the site i gypoed thi pic from

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