The Daze of Rainy Days

I am tired. The cloudy weather depresses me. I find it hard to get motivated past my already low level of motivation. It makes me feel like the fact behind the myth derived from the concept that is procrastination. It is not a good feeling. What is good though is that I took advantage of  the rAntergy that the past weeks lifeing up gave me a few days ago, and made some drAfts that could easily be filled in and posted for your reAding pleasure, this is not one of them but was a lead in to one that turned into an actual rAnt in and of itself, you can call them rAnts for a looks like or maybe or already is rAiny dAy.

I miss the frozen snow

I miss the frozen rain

I remember hearing, and believing, that the whole depression from rain may be more of a social stigma that anything. Rain, after all is a sort of vehicle for life, It should be welcomed and celebrated. I think part of the depression may stem from your repeated childhood memories  of how after threatening to take away the day by ushering forth an early night. Then out of nowhere some jagged snakelike daggers would dance around the sky and the air would grumble, makign you feel as if you were in the stomach of a great beast besot by hunger pangs.  A hunger that would could only be satiated by gorging itself on the apparent freedom the outdoors gave you. Then these malicious little drops, would begin to fall, as if thousands of salivating mouths had began to feast, sending you running to the comparative prison that your home now presented. A prison that would oddly seem like a haven if you were found seeking shelter just a little way from it.

Odd stuff. Ok there was a lot of embellishment there, most children would not think about it in exactly that way, but we ain’t kids people.

I was out the other day and now have another reason to hate the rain. There are Birds in Italy, much like they are in other parts of the world. When they begin to migrate during the onset of the colder months of the year they tend to group around and fly in these beautiful intricate patterns, that one could stare at for hours on end. The shapes they make are akin to those old screen savers, except much More breath taking due to their natural nature as well as the amazing backdrops they usually are presented in. I can imagine myself standing on one of the bridges over the Tiber and watching their formations and trying to guess where they will go next while trying to make something out of the last shape they just made.

Well you can’t have good without bad.

In order for these birds to make these symphonic arrangements, there needs to be quite a few of them. Behind the desk i usually use, there is a window to the balcony. A few weeks ago a colorful little bird flew up and sat on the window sill. Just as I was thinking how quaint it was, it squirted out a lil dookie and flew away.

Lil bastyiard!! Though it’s kind of what they do.

It is also what they do when they post out in large numbers in trees all around Rome. So a bird pooping on the balcony is a visual slight, but hundreds or thousands of them pooping from trees onto the streets below is not only a physical assault to your sense of smell, it is also a danger to your general physical well being. It happens to be on some of the roads I walk by and even when you get by the headache inducing stench,  you do not want to try breathing through your mouth, it leaves a taste in there, smell plays a big part in taste, the dookie is not exactly the most stable surface to walk on. This Tuesday I am walking to Lucy’s.  As I approach one of the bad spots,  I notice that the passed rain and ensuing humidity was carrying the smell. As I came to the intersection, the traffic police had cordoned off the area.  I thought, “wow’ this may be the 5th time in my 2 years here that I have actually seen a police action.”  As I walked by I noticed the ground was rather slippery,  I then noticed that the light brownish stuff covering the road must be sawdust. By  wetting the poo, the rainy day had not only increased its pungency, but had succeeded in whetting it’s annoyance past that of smell and sight,  to that of an actual physical danger.

Halloween in two days. I may not have a costume. You on the other hand could dress like a child and look depressed. Then tell anyone you are a child on a rainy day. Or you can dress as Zeus and carry fake lightning bolts, Or if your stupid enough strap some sort of electric generator to your back to create actual electricity and do the world a favor by ending yourself.

Birds are also good costumes. You could carry garbage and such and leave it around the place, if people ask you what your doing say, “I’m a bird, I leave sh*t where I feel like.”

Let us know what you think

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