I Smile

I was a little over an hour into what would be an over 3 hour wait for the train that would take me from Foligno to the annual Chocolate festival in Perugia, Italy.

I was sitting on a bench by the tracks in the terminal, listening to music and occasionally drawing. Across the tracks a man, woman and child, took a seat on a bench across from mine. They were facing in the other direction but from body language I would say they were a family. The kid, full of energy like they mostly are (when not napping), seemed to be no more than 4. There was a moment when they were all sitting down. The child in the middle, feet dangling above the ground, his father to his left and mother to the right. They both had their inside arms supporting him as he was climbing all around the seat and them.

I decided I wanted to draw this moment.

I looked down to where I had put down my sketchbook, picked it up and then looked up to the subjects. I smiled.

One was looking back. The kid was on one knee pointing at me and saying something to his parents, the father then turns around and see’s what his son is interested in. I held the sketchbook in one hand and waved at the kid. His father waved first and the kid followed suit, and by now the mother’s interest had been piqued and she did too.

Kids make me smile. It is funny how you could be having a horrible day and you hear, almost feel, the unbridled ecstasy contained in a child’s laugh. Or to see them playfully scamper around chock full of exuberance and energy. My mother told me that as a child, I would constantly smile, even in my sleep. She has at times asked me where the smile went.

I feel it went when I began to think about how much there was to not smile about.

Later in the day walking back from the Chocolate Festival, with two of my friends, we walked beside a group of overjoyed Kids, all decked in purple which was the colour of the festivals main sponsor, Milka. One little girl was leading the group in a little sin-a-long. At first I could not quite make out what they were singing but the little girl came marching by followed by her little band. I laughed and looked over to Danni and told her what she was singing. She had sang, “Scarpe di cioccolato” as she pointed to the little little purple boot on her raised foot. She and her merry bunch were walking around pointing at things and saying they were made of chocolate.

I would be remiss to not mention President Elect Barak Obama’s decisive win in the past American Presidential election. I will not claim to be beyond the effect and ensuing hope that this man’s campaign has spread not only in America but almost more importantly, around the Globe. I will rAnt on this later, but for now congratulations to both candidates, and I applaud you and your speechwriters for two very poignant speeches that either for good or bad reasons, will likely go down in history.


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