A Whole Bunch of Reasons I do not Hate America

I will rAnt on the issues I have with professional sports, in and out of the states, but this video makes smile ( some other not so violent things that make me smile). I would say I prefer College football over professional football due to reasons ranging from having participated in it, as well as the lack of the full blown commercialization of the sport, yet, but I cannot deny the sheer absurdity that is grown men, average size being  6’1.5″ and 215 pounds (1.83 meters 112kg metric terms), hurtling into each other at breakneck speeds…oh also while watching the video I was thinking of how I miss playing Madden, then the clips of the game came in. I am so getting a PS3 when I move to Torino, and seeing if I can get some European art students addicted to Madden.

They also play Basketball In the states and some of those NBA folk can really jump…sometimes there are people under them, embarassed people, that makes me smile too.

UNC Tarheel Basketball has the greatest sport uniform ever.

For one very funny and one very sad football related video, click

I like how the guy just stumbles off, “he ain’t running fast no more,” haahha!

poor kid, his sister jsut bails on him


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