James Bond : Agent Double O Shenanigans

Just watched “Quantum of Solace“, the latest in the long running James Bond series. I Liked it. Just as i liked “Casino Royale.” As I often do after, or at times while, watching a movie, I go check it out on the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) Message boards. This time the reason I checked it out was, I had seen some parts of an interview of the main female lead, Olga Kurylenko. I saw on her Bio she was Ukranian born and in the Movie  played a South American. I was pretty confident there would be some uncalled for hilarity containing comments, kind of like the Black X-Men thing. There were complaints but of a different more annoying kind. Here is what I wrote in response to them.

“First and foremost, as much as you may disagree this is in fact a Bond film. Having the 007 in the title and film itself.

We are all entitled to opinions on how much we feel this film may be in what we define to be Bond films. Here are a few things I would like to bring up.

First I will recognize that most of you consider yourselves devout fans of the series or movies in general and not casual viewers. The movie makers, taking that into account will assume that you will watch the movie regardless. So much like in Comic book movies and the like, they will put in material to attract other viewers, hence the numerous chases, explosions, one-liners and other things that you may feel do not fit in with what Bond is. Because they are in there not for people who think they know Bond, but people who just want to be entertained.

The second is this.


Bond time-line, your personal time and the  actual time in the world.

To begin with, the Bond time-line. This movie and Casino Royale show how Bond went from your run of the mill agent to the suave, cold, kill anyone in the way of the mission Bond, that was portrayed in the other movies. He is a Diamond before the cutting. We can all see from the extensive boot-camp process that you cannot just take a civilian of the street give them a gun and expect them to follow orders and kill when necessary like a good soldier should. I would consider these movies to be a sort of boot-camp transition period for Bond. The betrayal byVespa in Casino Royale, which would directly lead to his lack of attachment to the women in other movies, since he learned what could happen by putting himself out there. Complaining about a prequel Bond not being similar to the other ones would be like complaining that  in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace,” Anakin Skywalker the was not dressed in an all black metallic suit with matching heavy breathing helmet, accompanying red light-saber and sweet throat crushing pinch moves.

Second, is your time. Is the first love truly the best? Your first vacation, your first win? Is your first heartbreak truly the worst? I think not, but I do think they serve as measuring sticks. So If you were first wowed by the experience you had from an earlier Bond chances are you will compare similar experiences to them. You will also hold in high regard the experience you had during that first time. In this case some of us saw Connery’s Bond at a much younger age, where we were much easier impressed. We asked less questions of the films we watched and accepted more on face value. We took it for what it was, just a film. Or we saw a more recent Bond and were amazed and overjoyed to find out there were even more bonds before that so we watched them and loved them.

Last is the time in the World. To be honest old bond films were ridiculously sexist in our current, and far better reality of gender relations. He would go around backhanding and/or degrading women at his leisure. Most of the things he did would not fly in today’s ‘equal’ sex relations environment. The bond girls of today have been given different roles to play than in the old ones. So yes, there is a difference. The character of Bond himself has changed, the idea of what it is to be an alpha male has changed. The general Idea of what it is to be a spy is different. I feel that most of the spies that do sneak around undercover hardly ever break cover to do half the things that we see Bond do. Their lives are pretty vanilla and they essentially just send information back to whoever they work for, if cover is broken they are extracted or written off. On the Rambo-esque action I must admit to thinking of how action packed the Bond films have become, but it was something I liked. It used to be mainly just the opening scene then one or two high action scenes during the movie. If you compare previous bond films to the action films of their time I would not doubt that they had a similar amount of action.

Bond movies were not making as much money trying to hold true to the old formulas, The things most of you consider to be true bond films, so they changed with the times and added some more action, took a new take on the character, showed us the invention of Bond. Hell it is a business. They need to make money to keep making the films. If you feel this is not it. Stop watching them. I’ll take this over no Bond.”

Sooooo as the rAnt is titled, it is ‘Shenanigans,’ plural, not singular, here is more Bond related goodness. First for the sake of balance, for those that despite my best efforts to defend that he is, still feel that Bond is no longer Bond here is former Bond actor Roger Moore’s thoughts on the subject.

“I suggested my Bond would have charmed the information out of her by bedding her first. My Bond was a lover and a giggler…” –Roger Moore article

Really? That isht would not fly anymore. A giggler? Come on Moore, the whole slaying women with his biological Walther PPk, sexist much? Any chance that this little tirade may be to help plug sales of your book? I think it takes a lil’ more than some horizontal tango to get real secrets out. Speaking of secrets, it is far from a secret that some people’s feelings in the former USSR towards the west have not completely thawed from the Cold war. So no one on the site had issue with the Olga’s performance but apparently some Commies out in Russia do. You must read this article, it is hilarious, here is an excerpt

“The Soviet Union educated you, cared for you and brought you up for free but no one suspected that you would commit this act of intellectual and moral betrayal.”- Sergei Malenkovich. read full article

They may just be a little hurt that they are no longer getting the spotlight that comes with being the big bad wolf in all Bond films.


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