Law and Order : A.S.S. Unit

I was watching an episode of Law and Order, in which a character had AIDS. After about 10 minutes is seemed like AIDS had a personality, then after 5 more it was obvious.

I must have been watching “Law and Order : After School Special Unit.”

The show was preachy as all the churches in Rome combined. Now It is not the worst thing to educate the public on AIDS and the HIV that precedes and causes it, but it seemed they were just reading lines out of a textbook and settign them up with the most cliche questions, it was just like your crap after school specials.

This was an episode of Law and Order : SVU (Special Victims Unit), which you may think would make it all the more appropriate for the producer, director and writers to educate the masses with. Sure the Unit often deals…hmm ok maybe not often, maybe pretty much all the time deals with sexually related offenses, so for  Benson, Stabler, Munch, Tutuola and the rest to  the bring up, discuss then systematically beat into the collective viewers heads the issue of AIDS, may seem like a perfect situation.

I will tell you why that is incorrect.

This is SVU, these officers deal with sexually related offenses, every friggin day. To deal with these you must deal with the witnesses, crime scenes, victims and criminals. These officers, lawyers, medical examiners and pretty much everyone related to the show, should already know all the answers to every single asinine question they were spurting out throughout teh episode. I wish there was a counter on the bottom of the screen to see how many times they said AIDS. It was painful to watch. I am supposed to believe that with the hundreds of cases over the multiple years that these questions never came up? That they all did not take one or several mandatory class(es) that went over the material in detail? Or was this just one of those “soothe my conscience and look good to my peers for making season after season chock full of rape, child abuse and other dark isht” for the creative minds behind the show? An act akin to tobacco companies funding anti-smoking campaings, and Oil companies research into cleaner forms of energy ok that may be a little of a stretch but you get my meaning, the isht is redonkulous.

The same media that claims it has no effect on people negative behavior will then turn around and try and effect peoples positive behavior. Let us just once and for all admit that people are susceptible to TV, otherwise advertising would not be so lucrative. This could have been handled better. They could have tried to fill in some more discussion about the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases during the whole season, when characters question suspects, interview victims and process crime scenes.

I could be wrong though, maybe your average viewer benefits more from incessant repetition and hammering of an idea. In most cases they do not seem to mind the incessantly repetitious structure of  a majority of shows on air, so I may once again be in the minority, but I continue to rAnt on.

Let us know what you think

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