Best opening of any movie ever

Bond movies are known for their high action openings, which set up the mood of the movie.

I can now understand why Pierce Brosnan got a shot at playing in the Bond movies. He already had experience in edge of the seat openings (odd how something can be edge of the seat and riveting at the same time…kind of contradictory, don’t you think?)

The movie is The Lawnmower Man. The opening involves a Monkey In a Robo-Copesque helmet, stealing a guards gun and subsequently shooting him in the face.

Trump that.

I dare you.

The only scary thing about this movie is that it used to be scary. Il Tagliarebe is the title in Italian and due to the amazing Italian localization and translation of media I thought they even translated the early 90’s techni-colour display as it was telling the monkey to get the gun. It said ACQUIRE, i read it as A-kwee-rhe. If you don’t know much Italian you probably would not get that but anyway, acquire in Italian turns out to be Aquisire.

Education has been imparted. You’re welcome. Now go rent the movie, the first five minutes is worth a dollar per minute, then the rest is just a book.

click here for the trailer-  Guardalo

on second though i think it said Aquire which mat be the furure tense type thing…


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