USC Smashes Penn State : Herbstreit finds it “Embarassing.”

It is Bowl Championship Series time.

Once in a while I watch some American football games. In Rome, you have the option of going to an Irish pub or a few other bars that caters to American tourists, or if your lucky like me, you have access to SkySport on Satellite TV.

Watching the games at home instead of the Bar, has positives and negatives.

It is a very entertaining spectator sport, made better by the consumption of alcohol and presence of like minded people to laugh at a shamed corner-back or collectively cringe at a destructive hit (see previous post Bunch o reasons i don’t hate USA) but staying at home had one completely unexpected benefit, TV timeouts and other advertisement breaks. no it was not not having to hear stories about how great so and so drunk pub patron was back in his highschool days, that was a very much calculated and expected benefit of not going to the pub.

No I do not find Italian commercials to be as disappointing and occasionally entertaining as Superbowl commercials, the reason is quite the opposite.

Since it is an international broadcast and the interest in American football is not big in Europe, all the ad space can not be sold. So for about half of the breaks, they just show the score, or cheerleaders (the USC squad was amazingly hott with their lil USC coloured sneakers and California sun-kissed skin) but the best thing was the times the announcing crew keeps talking.

SO sometimes you hear them getting tips on what to say next;  discussing personal views on things, wonder who should be MVP of the game “number 5- 8 or number 4-7 “has to be 4-7 cause he hasn’t got much” (haha way to throw him a bone) ;  Replaying the play, for instance when Penn State Quarterback, Daryll Clark , seemed to loose the ball, instead of timeouts I got to see replays. So not only did I get to know that he was down 6 hours ahead of my friends on the east coast, I also had a minute or two extra; wow… just heard another, Keyshawn Johnson was talking and before the break they say goodbye to him and Brent Woody Musburger throws Keyshawn some advice on his commentating hahaha (now is when I should make a joke about how Woody is all about throwing the Bone, but I’m older now. New year, mature isht).

The specific action, in the drubbing that the Trojans are administering on the Nitanny Lions, that sparked me to rAnt was what came after Mike Sanchez’s play action pass to a wide open Patrick Turner in the beginning of the 4th quarter. (could have been later or earlier but i can not be bothered to verify) So the catch, yet another touchdown followed by a TV timeout. During the time out they continue to show the play as they do at times and Herbstreit while chuckling upon seeing the pass and how open the receiver was exclaims, “it’s embarrassing.” hahahHAHA!

The game is now almost over and Penn State put up a good fight, albeit rather late. Brent and Kirk are giving them Kudos, commenting on how alive the trailing fans are. Herbstreit even said something about how his motto for the second half to them is “play for Pride.” The ball was just intercepted by Will Harris. I hope there is another tv timeout to hear what Kirbstreit really has to say about Penn State. It would be refreshing if there was a commentary crew that told it like they felt it, and did not have to pander to both sides, or accepted TV etiquette.

Time to wind this up…have not rAnted in a while, this isht is tyring…how did I ever intend to do this every other day? I switched over to MTV Hits during one of the breaks, as I am about to move out to Torino and leave the comforts of Satellite TV made me feeling like using more than just one of the 900 channels offered, and lo and behold, Avril Lavigne. I think she is gorgeous, there i said it  and have said  or hinted at it in my previous post Definitions : Sellout, i like how she has a hint of that Canuck accent and how sometimes it king of looks like she has fangs, the lil vamp.

It was the Video for her song “When Your Gone.”  The video fit’s the lyrics and mood of the song, though one thing stuck out like a sore thumb digging out one of my eyes. Having been rather commercial free, due to not watching much Television, in conjunction with the fact that I changed the channel from the game precisely since  it was one of the breaks where there was a commercial, It was almost a metaphorical eygouge to encounter the horror That Product Placement.  It happens, almost has to happen, it is how they fund these projects. It’s how the stars and studios get paid, but Christ does it ever annoy me! The practice had not been going unnoticed in all forms of media, but ever since The Truman Show spelt it out in big bold letters, there are times when it seems all the more despicable.

Happy New Year. I say this not because I mean it, but because it is what people say at this time, and once in a while I act like people

:::UPDATE:::: More behind the scenes shennanigans – Rey Mauluga :”‘… No Roses?!’ is what Erin Andrews Said”


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