Hey Bub, That’s My Sabertooth You’re Kicking!

Here is a trailer, Followed by some spoilers about the trailer, then maybe a rAnt i am not sure yet, so be sure to watch the trailer it may be all your getting.

This is the trailer for the upcoming X-Men spinoff “X-Men Origins : Wolverine”

OK I am very enthused to see this movie, actually I admit to some giddiness thanks to the inclusion of my favorite card throwing, staff wielding, “Ma Cherie” saying, thief of a Cajun Mutant, Gambit.  I hope that this trailer assuages many of the doubts that people had in Liev Schreiber’s ability to depict a decent Sabertooth (as addressed in a previous rAnt I Should Kick You in the Sabertooth). Although the running on all fours shot was a little odd, btu thats not his fault, its evolution (or intelligent design) that gave us 2 legs

I just cut a Transformers head off and decided to wear his scull

I just cut a Transformers head off and decided to wear his skull

Going on the whole, ‘that’s not what they look like in the comic”complaint, there are going to be a few fanboys and girls expressing how they are not happy since when Wolverine seems to break out of the Weapon-X facility, he is not adorned in all the wires, mechanical tubes sticking out isht and helmet he had in the comic.  Admittedly as seen in the picture, it is a pretty good look, besides the helmet which as you can see on in the picture is rather clunky.  The movie makers may have been banking on another look. Unlike Dr. Perry Cox, women luuuurrrvvveee Hugh Jackman, A friend of mine just said she opposite-of-went upon seeing the trailer, but not to worry, she is clean now as she added that she took a shower post haste and it is hard to ceny that he looked pretty jacked in the trailer, there was a possibility of me saying, ‘he looked like Hugh Jacked-man, but as I said, new year, new more refined humour. These actors get paid big bucks to show their faces, and bodies off to bring in the masses, we will have to wait and see if they have him end up all blood spattered, but it is unlikely, the blood splattered look is not a good career choice for people who still enjoy leads in romantic comedies.

Another thing  from the trailer that has me excited, is the number of Muties in the flick. After the Mutant fest that was X-Men : Final Conflict, a one character spin-off seemed to be a step in a more limited direction. Having read the first arcs of the Origins comic, and recognizing some of the scenes in the trailer I was very excited to see the bevy of Mutants involved. The Blob, Beak, Silver fox, Agent Zero and almost as good as Gambit, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool! (I admit checking IMdB in order to get the beak and silver fox ID) Then there are the shot of him in the war which subtly hints at a meeting with Steve Rodgers, and was what seems to be Emma Frost going diamond? If so there is a good chance that the story may run all the way back to a run in with the X-men. If there is an X-man with enough of a gallery to have his own movie it is Wolvie. He does have his own comic book after all.

There may come a time when comics and visual media are the exact thing, With the CGI abilities in some of the Final fantasy movies, that time may be soon, but until then we should be happy with what we have. So some of the spots may be small cameo appearances , like Nick Fury in Iron Man, and Tony stark in the Hulk, but I do appreciate the little easter eggs the movie makers put in there for more hardcore, or at least more informed fans.

–      Even if one is not a fan of Wikipedia, you should check out some of the Wikias that are available for all sorts of other things. Here is the link to Cox’s page on the Scrubs Wikia. Pretty much all your major shows have Wikia’s, even some of the older ones. Comics have them, manga anime and cartoons have them, type in just the name of some of your favorite  shows or media and check one out.


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