…much like other children, Terry Tate was born

Here is an explanation of what led to this post, then a video, then maybe another video, but no rAnt. I’m stressed.

So I am in the midst of packing for my move if you have read the recent posts, you know where to,  if not, why don’t you go do that now, I was taking a break and came up to use the computer. Looking around YouTube I came across a compilation video of Terry Tate, Office linebacker. It took me back to the first time seeing the commercial and the hilarity of watching it and discussing it with friends. I must have reduced my tv watching amount after the first viewing because i do not recall many of the hits in this video. I think it will be fun for anyone to watch, and for those that do not know the premise of the commercial, it is essentially a guy hired to enforce certain good behavior  around the office. Enough of all that, here is the video.

IMdB has Terry Tate is listed as and actor names of many aliases, Mighty Rasta I recall watching the movie Finding Amanda, a little while back where he played a pimp named BV and wondering where I had seen him before. The premise of the movie is a TV writer having some issues at home and work, goes to Vegas to ‘save’ his niece who is now a prostitute I gave it a 5.5 out of 10, the lead actress is kind of endearing but the film was a little of a drag; anyway Mighty Rasta/Terry Tate played the niece’s pimp. He has had bit parts in many shows and movies, but I think main memory of him was  not only as Calvin in the hilarious “My Wife and Kids”( starring Damon Wayans, Tisha Campbell( martiiiiiiinnnnnn martttiiiiinnnnnnn marttiiinnnnnn) cute lil daughter, hott teen daughter and stupid son, cant be bothered to look up their names) and also the lingering memory of the Terry Tate goodness. As I look forward to obtaining employment , one of my wishes is to find a job that would let me express myself with even a fraction of the reckless abandon that TT the PainTrain does.

To find out more about the man, watch  Terry Tate : Sensitivity  training a 4 minute documentary   click

Here is a lil something extra, Martin.

Watch the clip until 2:10 for the theme song. think this was the second version.

last theme song


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