Rey Mauluga :”‘… No Roses?!’ is what Erin Andrews Said”

If you’d rather Yahoo! than Google, you may have already seen this

Firstly the people in teh video. Rey Maualuga, USC Linebacker, best defensive player in the nation,  repeat all-America and receiver off a multiple other awards.  Erin Andrews, ESPN reporter, Hott, lusted after by many (as the  existence of the site Erintracker can attest to, I found the site yesterday after finding out who Erin Andrews was somehow). Lastly unnamed photo journalists, some a little shocked some a little humoured, and off screen adoring and envious fans.

So, since my amount of having a life is lacking and am wasteful, I follow the link to YouTube to have a little laugh at the reactions of people. As expected there were crass remarks of approval, chuckles, racist barbs about “blackman on whitewoman ” rape followed immediately by people saying he is not black but Samoan,

Rey, in the foreground with Samoan Tribal Tatoo's on arms

although it seems that if you are not white you’re technically black,  I would say unless clearly Asian or Hispanic but not only  is it unlikely that the people that posted those comments have seen his face, you should see the people considered black in certain parts of Eastern Europe.  I digress, and although that is my prerogative, I would like to get to the rAnt and be off to bed. I took part in responding to a few comments then came up on this one, an example of the last and most unpopular category of comments, the people speaking out in defense for the rights of Erin Andrews.

“Just another male showing that men still don’t know how to treat women with respect. Please tell me there are men out there that thought this was crass.”

Here was the response i was going to e-mail, but once it started turning from e-mail to rAnting, it had to end up here.

I disagree with what you said. Do men treat women with less respect in some cases? Sure. Is there a strange dichotomy steadily growing due to the empowerment of women and the old forms of respect and chivalry? I would have to say yes. In this case would it be better if ESPN stuck to the old ways and said women have no place on the sideline of a football match, “it is just for men,” and not employed her?

Hired entirely for her knowledge of the game, Men vs. Women.

Hired entirely for her knowledge of the game, Men vs. Women.

No, instead they hired her, knowing full well that she is quite physically attractive, and that both the viewers and players will notice and tune in. Having been involved in sports, I can attest to the fact that the testosterone does get flowing when your playing, to the point girls who may not have seemed that attractive on your average day would all of a sudden catch your eye if you saw them on the sideline. So you should try to imagine what goes on, during a game of this scale with a celebrity female of sorts, who you may or may not have noticed and discussed in detail with friends.

I would be surprised if Erin Andrews felt that her looks have nothing to do with her job, she may be offended by this, but i doubt she is offended when she banks her salary instead of it going to a Rosie O’Donnell look-alike who may be a veritable human sports encyclopedia.

As for the whole thing about it not really being a dance and more of a gyration/hump, just go to most popular college clubs and you will see guys ‘dancing’ just like that, occasionally with a girl bent over in front of them. The Waltz is no more.

So I think we should stop being so hard on him. Erin knows how she looks. As for him he just finished his college football career in a huge win, in a huge venue, in a game which he played a huge part in getting the team to, in front of a huge crowd, a huger television audience, in doing so he may begin to think about the huge occasions coming up such as draft day, so as he walks off the college field for one last time as a player that was involved in many on field bangs lets not make a huge deal if he goes out with a little sideline insinuated bang.

Now there are a lot of things that this situation raised, and many more rAnts to come on the independent woman vs chivalry situation.  For more on the behind the scenes shenanigans from the Game Rey played in before his dance read this USC Smashes Penn State : Herbstreit finds it “Embarassing.” Thanks for reAding , much more to come soon.

Don't even think about saying you would never think about it.

Don’t even think about saying you would never think about it.

Some may consider the the whole Rick Rolling thing to be over but here is a funny  Pres.ect Barak video. I swear Rick Asley is not in it


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