Jew know what Gaza did?!?

Oh wow, who’s offended? It is not my intention but hey, I got to get you people to read these rAnts somehow even if your non-mouse hand is holding a flaming torch, pitchfork or some other angry mob related hand wielded object, your already here, so keep reading, your sure to find another time to use your angry mob tool-set.

There are 3 things about Facebook status messages that seem irk me the most. Bad for me but good for you since I tend to rAnt about them (“(Your name) is my Hero” : best Facebook status message ever!” read after reading this so you can know im an equal opportunity offender). The three are frequency, quality and content, all acceptable complaints.

First is the frequency. This is not an instant messenger. I want to know why people feel the need to update their status on an hourly basis with inane information such as “taking a shower”, then an  hour later “done with shower, thinking of going out”, followed an hour 17 minutes later by “now ready to go out” and concluded 14 minutes later with “went out but decided to come back home because I could not bear to be away from Facebook to let you all know what exactly I am now doing.”

Second is the lack there off close to proper grammar. Facebook used structure all statuses in this manner, “(your name) is…” This worked for a majority of statuses one could input. Fore example let’s say the offendor from the first reason is named Lexi. Her status messages would appear as follows. 5:15pm Lexi is taking a shower/ 6:15pm Lexi is done with shower, thinking of going out/ 7:32pm Lexi is now ready to go out/ 7:46pm Lexi is went out but decided to come back home because I could not bear to be away from Facebook to let you all know what exactly I am now doing”.

If it is purposefully intended to be 1337 or some sort of slang it is passable. However, the utter disregard of grammar? That grinds my gears.* She could have simply deleted the ‘is’ (which may only be an option on the new interface of Facebook) or stated “Lexi is back since she realized she could not bear to be away from the ability Facebook gives her to inform me of her life.” I tend to write status message to read from the point of view of the reader. I used to find it odd when Bob Dole would speak in 3rd person, but since I get to live my own status not read it, I input it to be read by you. For example my current status is “Silas no longer needs to watch the news: Facebook statuses keep him informed of all things war, except maybe the one on terror. Does not know what to make of this.” This status was in reaction to my 3rd and final issue, the content of the statuses.

WTF!?! I almost pulled Captain Picard back out for this post, and still may even though I just used him and a good thing is not one to waste, I should make a few new WTF images,  but was not sure if it was the right thing to start of with after such a ‘loaded’ title. I still found myself thinking WTF? After seeing the status of one of my friends, “QassamCount: 3 additional Hamas rockets hit Israel. Total today: 33. Total since the year 2000: 8706. Donate your status: (  websiteaddressthatmaynotwanttobementionedhere)” likely a response to ot cause of  an earlier status I saw: – “reports 785 Palestinians murdered by Israel in Gaza (more than 230 children & 100 women) & 3300 injured. Donate your status: (anotherwebsiteadddressidrathernotmention)”

This situation is beyond heated, illustrated by the fact that people are now dying and have been for a while. By far not the only point of contest in this argument, it is a stark reality that PEOPLE ARE DYING. Who out there disagrees that people like yourself and loved ones, dying is an unwanted thing? It is hard to disagree unless one sees them  as just that, THEM, the enemy. Someone then pointed out the whole adage of ‘is it considered murder if committed in a war”. Semantics. Similar result when it’s all said and done, someone that was alive before is now dead due to the actions of another. I read   another comment in which the murder in war question was supported as questionable, then continued to call the recent events and ‘offensive’ not a war. It has yet to be classified as a war. It is an offensive. One that was not began in response to any trumped up accusations of there being nuclear weapons in Gaza. Nor is there seemingly any possibility for a huge financial gain by their actions. Nor does there seem to be some sort of over respect to be gained in the World arena at large, if anything Israel seems to be taking a hit in the minds of the world community. Unfortunately this  is a feeling that to many Israeli and Jewish people has become commonplace. They feel they have been looked down on, viewed as a weaker unworthy people, the oppressed. These feelings are due to very real circumstances, as real as the mortars that have been fired at Israel. As real escalating threat that the continued attacks presented to those in Israel. Understandably leading to completely real and genuine feelings that they had to defend themselves by taking on an offensive stance. I only ask that people should not then be surprised by the resulting from people that have taken offense to the offense. Do not be surprised when those who feel kinship to the ones at the receiving end of real bombs scream out for their losses.

I do not know of the losses sustained to Israeli lives or property, but none the less attacks were being made. They may not have been of the same ferocity as what we have seen in ‘response’ but they were undeniably being made. I am thinking metaphorical way to write what I am getting at. Though for something as old and entwined as the history that has led to what we see now, an apt metaphor is hard to find. So I ask you to be a little open minded on this one, take it for what it is, a loose approximation, at best.

You’re a pretty big guy, 6 feet 5 inches tall, and 250 pounds; you used to play football, and boxed in your time in the military. You’re at a bar with your fiends. A small woman walks in; she is maybe 5 feet 4 inches tall, a little over 120 pounds, and just starts wailing on you. She is slapping you, yelling at you pushing you, accusing you of things. You feel you are innocent of all these accusations, whether true or not. You start telling people that you did nothing to deserve this lil whirling dervish of a woman in-front of you. now no one really knows that to take of this, because the things she claimed you did seem bad, and you say you had no part in it and they have no reason to really doubt you, they know you better, but apparently not well enough to do anything but suggest the woman should cease and desist with the wailing. After a while, the end seems to be nowhere in sight, thwWHAP!! You hit her. She falls to the ground. The girls she came with and some already at the bar instinctively jump to her defense. How could you hit a woman? Some of the men even think. How could you, she was no threat. Your friends however say nothing; they’ve got your back. The ones that do say something vouch for you and say she started it, what else could he be expected to do? Self-defense is all it was.  Would any side be right or would both be wrong? Is there truly enough information out there to make the judgment? Could she have had some mace in her purse, a stun gun, a knife, or worse? Could the guy have decided to hold her back, or shake her until she calmed down, or at least not hit her as hard? Or can we admit that the situation is just fucked. No one side was blameless. You cannot hit someone and be surprised when be hit back. Nor hit and be surprised when asked why you did it. I used this men vs. women thing to benefit from the men hitting women taboo (though as evidenced by the prevalence of domestic violence in the 1st world and other well documented abuses in other societies show it happens all the time) and use it to bring out one taboo almost all people can agree on of any situation resulting in the ending of lives being bad.

I almost regret writing this rAnt for it has brought up very many issues that I wish to explore further.  Issues which if explored in this rAnt would make it too long for it to be read by many of the people I hope will read it. Issues such as why this particular violence and a few others in relatively recent history have seemed to reverberate far more than conflicts involving far higher casualty rates that occur and still do in Africa. Is it location, the people involved, familiarity with the reasons?  It is not only African conflicts, the Iraqi situation does not seem as strongly contested, although it began before Facebook was as strong as it is now, but is it mostly since most of my friends are America? This I have rAnted on and will post very soon. Then there is hitting women thing. I used to joke around that, if you expect to get paid as much as I would be for doing the same thing, then you should expect to get knocked out as easy as I would for doing the same thing. With equal rights come equal expectations and pitfalls. Should we be fighting for equality or just lack of discrimination due to certain things? Violence in general should be avoided.

Wow even saying I wanted to stop and make the rAnt as short as possible turned into a mini-rAnt of its own. Thanks for rEading. hAte if you want I am just saying it may be hard to see the entire picture, but the one of people dieing is hard to ignore.

*grinds gears, a weak gift but if you want itbecause  lindsay lohan gets to me and i really like naruto

4 responses to “Jew know what Gaza did?!?

  1. Hi… I don’t know you, and clicked on the Israel category on the login page…

    But I just wanted to say that it is really refreshing to see somebody else out there who isn’t interested in taking sides as much as just wanting people to stop dying.

    I also find it rediculous– the facebook status being donated to a “cause” thing, when it’s just one side of an argument. Especially by people who live on the other side of the world and don’t have any first-hand knowledge of the situation. We’re all subject to propaganda here, I don’t think it matters from which side.




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